With images like this, no wonder it's selling well

Few new accessories have been launched with the same amount of interest and discussion as PlayStation Move. The accessory has outperformed Sony's expectations in Europe, and it seems it's off to a decent start in North America too, if the latest NPD figures are anything to go by.

Both software and hardware sales were down compared to September 2009, but the accessories segment grew from $159m to $180, with the sole major new accessory the PlayStation Move. NPD analyst Anita Frazier acknowledged the Move's role in growing this highly lucrative sector:

[This segment is]driven by sales of specialty controllers and audio. Specialty controllers include the new PlayStation Move Navigation controller and Sports Champions bundle, which contributed to this accessory type's growth.

Although no exact sales numbers are given, the controller made it into the top 10 accessories after just two weeks on sale in September, behind perennial sellers Xbox Live 1600 Points card and PlayStation Network $20 voucher.

The only disappointment in the NPD Group's reports is the lack of any Move-enabled software in the top 10 all-formats listings, though this is to be expected in a month dominated by perennial sports updates and big name titles.

[source gamasutra.com]