What could THQ be working on?

Back in September, THQ CEO Brian Farrell said his company would be developing cheaper games for Move and Kinect than its core range for traditional controllers, a statement that angered many. Now the head of THQ's Core division, Danny Bilson, has begun to extinguish the flames with the news the company's working on a big budget Move title to be released next year.

Naturally the title is currently a secret, but at least THQ won't simply be throwing cheaper games at Move in the hope some of them stick.

Our group is doing a really expensive game for Move and Kinect right now. We just decided to invest a lot more money in it. It’s coming out sooner rather than later, but we haven’t officially done the big announcement on it. But literally, we got to the point in development, and we decided “You know what? We gotta make this the best in the class of what it is.” So my group on the core side, we’re actually spending a lot of money on one game in particular that’s gonna ship at the end of March. But we haven’t quite announced it yet.

Such a tantalising tease. Any ideas on what Bilson is hinting at?

[source vg247.com]