Say it quickly and it sounds like "Pop Tarts"

PDC Darts is coming to PlayStation Move next month, but it's not the only corkboard title on the way to the controller, as Devil's Details has just announced Top Darts is on the way to PlayStation Network around Christmas time.

Whereas PDC World Championship Darts Pro Tour is aiming for a more realistic recreation of the sport, Top Darts embellishes its simulation credentials with some simultaneous multiplayer modes, allowing two Movers to throw off at the same time. It'll also support up to eight players in a range of other multiplayer modes and events, so even players with just one motion controller are catered for.

It'll still have a full single-player mode though, with classics dart games like 501, Around The Clock and Cricket alongside leagues and cup competitions. If competing against your friends is more your thing Top Darts allows up to 8 players to battle it out across a range of competitive games and events specifically tailored to enhance the multiplayer experience.

As for the implementation of Move, Devil's Details is promising an experience "better than any darts game you've ever played before", with the controller's motions in 3D space taken onboard to calculate the accuracy of shots. Like previous sports releases Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and John Daly's ProStroke Golf, this should be a game that rewards practice, so skill should triumph against flinging the controller wildly.

Top Darts is on the way to the PlayStation Store around this Christmas, so expect more updates in the next few weeks.