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PlayStation Vita

  • EU 22nd Feb 2012, £6.49
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  • Review Top Darts (PlayStation Vita)

    Double top?

    Released in late 2010, Top Darts for PS3 was a detailed and addictive recreation of the sport with a distinct party emphasis. Now Top Darts on PS Vita is here and is arguably the most focused of the system's launch titles. Despite the very obvious temptation to toy with the shiny new inputs, developer Devil’s Details has limited itself...

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Top Darts News

  • Talking Point Are Vita's PSN Prices Right?

    Pocket money

    At the start of this week Sony announced UK prices of PS Vita’s download-exclusive launch titles, dazzling fans with low costs of entry. MotorStorm RC will skid onto your memory card for just £4.79, while Top Darts, Hustle Kings and Super Stardust

  • News Sony Expands Single Price Offers for PS Vita Launch Titles

    Buy one, get one free

    Sony’s announced that any future PlayStation Vita owners that already own copies of Hustle Kings and Top Darts on the PlayStation 3 will be able to download the handheld versions of the recreational sports titles absolutely free. The offer's set to swing both ways, with those that pick up the PS Vita versions of the titles...

  • News Sony Prices PS Vita Download Titles Low

    What were you saying about smartphones?

    Sony’s announced the UK prices for its first batch of downloadable PlayStation Vita titles, and the news is good. Very good, in fact. Come 22nd February you’ll be able to snap up a copy of MotorStorm RC for a measly £4.79. It’s worth noting that splashing out on the isometric racer will not only reward...

  • First Impressions Top Darts


    Darts games never really worked until the advent of motion controls and touch screens. Tossing tungsten just never quite felt right with an analogue stick and buttons. Developers tried everything, from wobbly hands to ripping off Hot Shots Golf’s three-click aiming system, but nothing ever really replicated the actual act of playing...

About The Game

Take your personal dartboard with you wherever you go.

Step up to the oche, aim your dart and throw using precise touchscreen and rear touch pad controls.
Select from nine classic darts games, including 501 and Cricket, as well as four brand new darts-themed experiences.
Challenge up to seven friends to take part in turn-based matches to decide the ultimate arrows player.
Take pictures of your favourite scenes and people and customise your very own dartboard.