"Wave your hands in the air!"

Melodic masterminds can try their arm at Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz, released across Europe this past Wednesday, with UK shops starting to sell it this weekend.

We set a crafty music quiz of our own the other day but so far nobody has been able to crack the devilish teaser. Here it is again, but be warned: if you're not up to the challenge, Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz may not be for you.

Hammer Time is like whack-a-mole with knowledge: you must smash the correct answer with the Move; Master Blaster sees you shooting answers stuck to the sides of UFOs; Heavy Metal turns answers into steel girders (yes, really) with Move becoming a magnet to transport them into a hopper; and Pop Life puts giant darts in your hand to let you burst balloons containing... you guessed it, answers. The Buzz! developers win extra musical points by naming three of the Move-enabled round after a song – 10 Movemodo Respect Points to the first commenter to identify the three artists in our comments section without using a search engine.

Newcomers to Buzz! can pick up a pack containing the game and a set of wired buzzers for an RRP of £24.99. Our musical scholars are currently analysing its harmonic content and will bring you a review in the coming days.