You Can Kinda See What Made Western Publishers Pass, Right?

Games will be available in their original form (so many will be unlocalized), but will be infinitely easier to get hold of. It'll just be like importing retail games, really. Just with PSN downloads.

MonkeyPaw Games, the publisher of Cho Aniki and Gaia Seed, said that it wants to offer "easy to navigate" titles for non-Japanese players.

“You may wonder why some of the great Japanese titles you hear about in the press never make it to Western markets,” said the firm’s president John Greiner. “There are numerous reasons, but the biggest is translation.”

“A lot of cost goes into translation thus profitability becomes tenuous for many titles. Remove that barrier and a world of Japanese wonder comes rushing to your screen.

“We reckon there’s a pretty good appetite for these classics and we’ve priced them at a reduced rate to keep your impulsive curiosity piqued.”

Cho Aniki and Gaia Seed were considered risky releases by Western publishers, and thus never saw American release on the PSone during the mid-90s. They'll now retail for $5.99 a piece on the US PlayStation Store.