Not the Steven Seagal movie

PlayStation Move is the ideal platform for real-time strategy games, with R.U.S.E. impressing with its intuitive controls and the possibilities shown off in this tech demo proving the controller's worth to the genre.

Seed Studios is bringing a new take on RTS games to PlayStation Network with Under Siege, a title that promises plenty of action, with a single-player campaign mode as well as split-screen and online multiplayer modes. The game's real point of difference is the level of customisation offered, with a map editor allowing users to create their own battles and share them with other players online. "How powerful is the map editor?" you may ask, to which Seed Studios replies "it's the same one we use to build our maps!"

The most interesting part of Under Siege is without doubt the Move support. The Move looks ready-made for RTS games, and the first video on the US PlayStation Blog shows the controller selecting units quickly and issuing orders with precision.

Under Siege currently has no official release date but we've contacted developer Seed Studios for more information and will keep you updated.