Such shiny balls

Hustle Kings isn't about conning monarchy: it's a pool and billiards simulator, with incredibly shiny balls. It's been available on the PlayStation Store since early this year, but it's about to make a big break in the form of brand new content, including support for PlayStation Move.

A post over at the official PlayStation Blog from the game's art director offers an insight into the updated content on the way to the title in the coming weeks. As well as all-new Move controls, the game is also getting a 3D lick of paint with stereoscopic support as well as new tables, balls, cues and PSN icons.

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The game's well regarded for its realistic physics and addictive gameplay, so hopefully the addition of motion controls and stereoscopic 3D will refine the baize experience further.

There's currently no official release date for the extra content, but we've contacted VooFoo Studios and will update you with any further information.