It's Been A Tough Time For Jack Tretton & Playstation, But The Light Is At The End Of The Tunnel.

They made the Playstation 3 instead. The Wii has been an absolute runaway success. So what in the world leads analysts DFC Intelligence to the conclusion that the Wii saved Sony. It's quite simple really - by keeping Microsoft's XBOX 360 in touch.
"The main danger Sony faced was that the Xbox 360 would become embedded as the system of choice. Instead consumers flocked to the Nintendo Wii. The Xbox 360 had solid sales, but they have not been enough to give Microsoft anywhere near a breakout market position," the report explains.</blockquote>

With the Wii starting to show little glimpses of fatigue, and the Playstation 3 seemingly powering along now with a great price point and numerous exclusive games, the report notes that Sony are finally in a position to capitalise on mainstream consumers. EEDAR's Jesse Divinch agrees, suggesting they can leverage themselves on the strength of the brand.
"People who purchase a PS2 are more likely to purchase a PS3 in the future. Consumers, believe it or not, are pretty loyal."</blockquote>

Jesse also notes that blu-ray is now becoming a viable format for cinema buffs, suggesting, "This holiday season Blu-ray movies are finally getting a major focus at retail ... Blu-ray clearly now becomes a strong selling point for the PlayStation 3."

The DFC report closes with a rather stark warning to Sony however, "The cards are in Sony's favor and now is the time to make the most of them ... Now is the time for Sony to shine ... or else."

It's nice to see people being positive about the Playstation 3 though. We've been writing this site for nearly a year now, and we have to say, perception has changed massively over the past two months. Perception is probably the biggest hurdle Sony had to climb.