Following on from his, "it's hard to say to say something nice about the PS3" quote from earlier in the year, Fils-Aime has claimed Sony's PSPgo has a "fundamental concept problem". Never one to shy away from talking about the competition, Fils-Aime spoke with the Washington Post about the PSPgo asking, "what is the benefit of it?"
“I have the utmost respect for all our competitors, but it’s interesting to try and answer the consumer question of ‘What’s in it for me?’ in that product,” said Fils-Aime.</blockquote>

Our own columnist Twiggy wrote a post just this weekend describing the benefits of the PSPgo which perhaps Fils-Aime might like to take a look at.

To get catty for a moment, we suppose SCEA's Jack Tretton could ask the same question of Nintendo's DSi.