com</a>). There are currently 11 titles announced for an October 1st launch date, with a further four speculated that have yet to be announced. We will be trying to review as much PSP Minis content as we can, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Here are the titles:

  • Hero of Sparta - Gameloft
  • AstroTripper - PomPom Games[strong][/strong]
  • Fieldrunners - Subatomic Studios[strong][/strong]
  • Funky Punch - Solus Games[strong][/strong]
  • Kahoots - Honeyslug[strong][/strong]
  • Pinball Dreaming: Dreams - Cowboy Rodeo[strong][/strong]
  • Minigore - Mountain Sheep[strong][/strong]
  • FMX - Xendex[strong][/strong]
  • Vempire - Impressionware
  • Arcade Air Hockey & Bowling - Icon Games[strong][/strong]
  • Tetris - EA

We're kinda excited about Tetris actually. It's just the perfect game to have sitting on the XMB ready to dip into every now and then right? Good to see Astro Tripper make the jump too.