Looking for a list of all quests and chapters in Zenless Zone Zero, also known as ZZZ? As a live service game like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, the amount of content in HoYoverse's urban fantasy gacha will grow over time. That means you can expect new stories and side missions, often referred to as Commissions, into the future and beyond. On this page, as part of our Zenless Zone Zero guide, we'll be listing all quests and chapters currently available in the game.

How Many Quests and Chapters Are There in Zenless Zone Zero?

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  • Zenless Zone Zero comprises Phaethon's Story and Agent Stories.

At the time of writing, there are a total of 3 main chapters in Zenless Zone Zero, which comprise the game's core story content, also known as Phaethon's Story. It should be noted that these story chapters are divided up into different parts and interludes, so the sum of the content is a lot larger than it may initially seem.

In addition to Phaethon's Story, there are also Agent Stories, which are effectively side-quests designed to expand upon the personality of the various characters you'll encounter throughout the plot.

What Are All Quests and Chapters in Zenless Zone Zero?

Below is a list of all quests and chapters in Zenless Zone Zero, divided by chapter and type. Please note that quests in Zenless Zone Zero are often referred to in-game as Commissions.

Phaethon's Story

Phaethon's Story represents the main campaign of Zenless Zone Zero, and comprises 3 chapters.

Chapter 0: Business X Strangeness X Justness

  1. A Surprise
  2. Hollow Survival Guide
  3. Mutated Corruption
  4. Proxy Business
  5. Sudden Event
  6. Hacking Attack
  7. Reconnected
  8. "Fairy"

Chapter 1, Part 1: Lost & Found & Cat (A)

  1. An Uninvited Guest
  2. Client with Two Tails
  3. Abandoned Rally Point
  4. Lost Item
  5. Explosive Last Train
  6. Doubts Arise

Chapter 1, Part 2: Lost & Found & Cat (B)

  1. Hidden Stories
  2. Step by Step
  3. Unexpected Captives
  4. Second Rescue
  5. Endless
  6. Vagrant's Final Resting Place

The Zero Zone

  1. Restricted Area Investigation
  2. Mysterious Encounter
  3. Frontline Pursuit

Just Another Day at the Video Store

  1. Art Imitates Life

Chapter 2, Part 1: A Call From the Hollow's Heart (A)

  1. Assigned Commission
  2. Problem Child
  3. The Essence of Being a Bro
  4. The Only Embrace
  5. Savior's Mission
  6. That Name

Chapter 2, Part 2: A Call From the Hollow's Heart (B)

  1. Searching for the Prototype
  2. Sisters
  3. Steel Devourer
  4. Call That Name

Chapter 2 Interlude, Part 1: Mission Unthinkable (I)

Inter-Knot Level 30 Required to Progress

  1. Crisis on the Street Corner
  2. Unexpected Reunion
  3. Unproductive Visit
  4. Sixth Street Theft Case
  5. Invisible Assistant

Chapter 2 Interlude, Part 2: Mission Unthinkable (II)

  1. Emerging Crisis
  2. Emergency Operation
  3. Shared Beliefs
  4. Moment to Counterattack
  5. We'll Meet Again

Chapter 3, Part 1: The Midnight Pursuit (A)

Inter-Knot Level 34 Required to Progress

  1. A Mysterious Letter
  2. First Exploration of a Perilous Building
  3. Friends Old and New
  4. Ascending Dance
  5. Close, Yet Worlds Apart

Chapter 3, Part 2: The Midnight Pursuit (B)

Inter-Knot Level 36 Required to Progress

  1. Power Restored
  2. An Uninvited Guest
  3. Darkest Hour
  4. Shocking Conspiracy
  5. Rescue Mission
  6. A Close Call
  7. Into the Darkness

Agent Stories

Agent Stories are effectively side-quests in Zenless Zone Zero, usually focusing on an individual ally or character.

Mole in the Hole (Soldier 11)

  1. Mole in the Hole (I)
  2. Mole in the Hole (II)
  3. Mole in the Hole (III)

Cat and Mouse Game (Nekomiya Mana)

  1. Cat and Mouse Game (I)
  2. Cat and Mouse Game (II)
  3. Cat and Mouse Game (III)

The Iron Witch (Grace Howard)

  1. The Iron Witch (I)
  2. The Iron Witch (II)
  3. The Iron Witch (III)

Schoolyard Powerhouse (Koleda Belobog)

  1. Schoolyard Powerhouse (I)
  2. Schoolyard Powerhouse (II)
  3. Schoolyard Powerhouse (III)

And the True Heroes Are Always Behind the Scenes (Von Lycaon)

  1. And the True Heroes Are Always Behind the Scenes (I)
  2. And the True Heroes Are Always Behind the Scenes (II)
  3. And the True Heroes Are Always Behind the Scenes (III)

Until Your Memory Fades (Alexandrina Sebastiane)

  1. Until Your Memory Fades (I)
  2. Until Your Memory Fades (II)
  3. Until Your Memory Fades (III)

How Long Does It Take to Beat Zenless Zone Zero?

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  • Zenless Zone Zero has approximately 50 hours of content in v1.0, but this will be expanded upon.

Zenless Zone Zero is a free-to-play live service gacha game, and is therefore designed to be played in perpetuity. As such, it's almost impossible to say how long the game may take to beat, because ultimately it's designed to be enjoyed forever.

However, at the time of writing, accurate as of v1.0, it'll take you approximately 50 hours to beat the core story content in Zenless Zone Zero. However, this is dependent on how much time you spend grinding, levelling characters, and trying out different team compositions.

Can You Skip Cut-Scenes in Zenless Zone Zero?

  • All cut-scenes can be skipped at any time in Zenless Zone Zero.

It's possible to skip cut-scenes in Zenless Zone Zero by pushing the Options button during a cinematic or dialogue exchange and selecting the Skip button. One nice quality of life feature in HoYoverse's latest game is that before committing to skipping the content, the dialogue box that appears will give you a one sentence summary of the plot set to unfold in the cut-scene you're skipping.

Can You Replay Story Missions and Quests in Zenless Zone Zero?

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  • Zenless Zone Zero's missions and cut-scenes can be replayed at any time from the Video Archive.

All story missions and quests, including those from Phaethon's Story and Agent Stories, can be replayed from the Video Archive in the Random Play video store. You can also replay any cut-scenes, cinematics, or dialogue exchanges whenever you like.

To replay content in Zenless Zone Zero, follow these steps:

  • Go in Random Play's staff room by speaking to Bangboo 6.
  • Interact with the Video Archive on the back wall.
  • Select which mission you'd like to replay.

You can also teleport directly to the Video Archive by press R1 and selecting it from the Random Play tab on the menu.

Did you find this list of all quests and chapters in Zenless Zone Zero helpful? Take a look at our Zenless Zone Zero guide for more information, and let us know which is your favourite Commission so far in the comments section below.

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