Where are all the Treasures in Uncharted 4 Chapter 9? In this Chapter, Nate and Sam continue their adventure through the Scottish catacombs. Some of the Treasures in this Chapter can be surprisingly easy to miss, so take your time as you make your way from one puzzle or platforming section to the next.

There are 6 Treasures to find in Chapter 9.

Treasure #1: Lantern Mounted Flintlock

Just before you go over the first wooden bridge at the start of this Chapter, turn to your left and you should see a ledge that you can fall down to. There's a small cave in the wall on this ledge, and the Treasure is inside.

Treasure #2: Strange Pendant

Once you've solved the big wheel puzzle with the three crosses, the next area has a place where you can swing across using your grappling hook. But instead of swinging to where you need to go, stop your swing and turn around to see a different ledge that you can swing to (you might need to climb the rope a bit to get a better swing at it). The Treasure is next to a skeleton.

Treasure #3: Amatory Box

Swing the way you're supposed to go and keep going just a little bit. You'll get to a point where you have to push a crate down in order to climb up a nearby wall. From here, look for a way to drop down from this level. You'll find a series of small handholds that you can use to climb down to a Treasure.

Treasure #4: Pewter Box

Once you've seen a cutscene involving Nadine and Rafe, continue through the level. Look for a room off to the side that has a fallen stature in it. Crawl under the statue to find the Treasure.

Treasure #5: Memento Mori Skull Watch

This Treasure is easy to miss. When you get a to a broken wooden bridge with Sam, drop down from the path to find a series of handholds. The Treasure is at the bottom.

Treasure #6: Scottish Tipstaff

In the area where you need to grapple onto a crate that's across a chasm, climb to where the crate is and look behind the wooden boxes and tables (you'll have to climb over them). The Treasure is here, and it's very easy to miss.

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