Where are all the Treasures in Uncharted 4 Chapter 8? In this Chapter, Nate and Sam travel to sunny Scotland, in search of Henry Avery's long lost grave. It's another lengthy Chapter that features quite a lot of exploration and a number of combat encounters.

There are 11 Treasures to find in Chapter 8.

Treasure #1: Redware and Silver Jug Flask

Head up and left from the starting point of this Chapter. This Treasure is nestled in some grasses uphill.

Treasure #2: Bronze Boar

After getting the previous treasure, head down towards the sea, past some trees. You should spot a small cave that has the Treasure inside. If you can see Sully's plane out on the water, then you're probably in the right area.

Treasure #3: Carved Wood Kashkul

After your first combat encounter of this Chapter (it's a gunfight with around three guys), keep going until you come to some ruins. Go right to the lower edge of this area, past the ruins and towards a large crate with blue wrapping. Go around the back of this crate into a corner, and you'll find the treasure near the edge of the cliff.

Treasure #4: Carved Nut Bottle

Once you've killed all the enemies, blow the doors off with dynamite, and moved the crate in position, climb up to the next part of the level — but don't start swinging across the cliffs yet. Look to the cliff wall and you should see a small, but wide cave entrance. Destroy the wooden boxes that block it with dynamite or a grenade, and then crawl into the cave to find the treasure.

Treasure #5: Travelling Inkwell with Seal

There's a point further into the Chapter where you'll have to swing over a gap using a wooden pole. This is the first wooden pole you'll come across in the entire Chapter. Once you're across, climb down the cliff to reveal a kind of hidden room in the cliffside. The Treasure is within.

Treasure #6: Carved Ivory Vanitas

Once you're done with all of the stony slides (Nate's arse must be beyond sore), you'll get to a point where you need to use your grappling hook to swing across to a cliff with a large wooden door. Don't open the door yet. Instead, climb up the wall to the left of the door. You should come across the ruins of a small room with a statue, and the Treasure.

Treasure #7:Scottish Ha'Penny

This Treasure's in a side room across from the Chapter's first puzzle (the one with the beams of light). Turn around from the puzzle and you should see the room off to your right.

Treasure #8: Slipjoin Clasp Knife

Once you're back outside and you've completed the next combat encounter, you'll need to progress a bit more through the Chapter. When you come across more enemies up on a series of cliffs, look for a small cave entrance. The Treasure is just inside.

Treasure #9: Pewter Singing Bird Box

After nabbing the previous treasure, look for another cave off to the right of the cliffs — the Treasure is inside. You'll need to jump over to it, but it's before you climb up to where Sam is in order to progress through the level.

Treasure #10: Tortoise Shell Snuff Box

Later in this Chapter, there's a part where Nate and Sam will be split up and you'll take different paths to the top of a cliff. After Sam runs across a bridge that then falls apart, keep going. When you reach the top of the cliff, don't continue along with Sam. Instead, follow the path that Sam came up by climbing back down the cliff. The Treasure is on the platform once you've climbed down the first wall.

Treasure #11: Persian Tailoring Scissors

A little further into this Chapter, you'll need to jump across some wooden beams, with a wrecked pirate ship in the water below. Once you're on the other side, look for some wooden stairs. The Treasure is underneath the wooden platform that the stairs lead up to. You'll need to crawl under to collect it.

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