Where are all the Treasures in Uncharted 4 Chapter 6? In this Chapter, Nate and his brother Sam are infiltrating a black market auction in Italy. It's quite a long Chapter, and some of its Treasures are easy to miss if you rush ahead. Out advice is to take your time and admire the sights.

There are 9 Treasures in Chapter 6.

Treasure #1: Mughal Water Container

Once you're in control of Nate at the beginning of the Chapter, run with Sam though the rocky pathways. When you reach two large trees that create a kind of archway, head to the cliff edge just beyond them to find the Treasure.

Treasure #2: Nephrite Brass Cup

After the cutscene where Nate and Sam overhear two Italian mercenaries talking, head straight towards the building across the garden. You'll find the Treasure right there on the windowsill of that building, behind a small lemon tree.

Treasure #3: Viking Cloak Clasp

Once you're inside the main auction hall with Sam and Sully, go back into the room where Sully first appears to find a Treasure on the desk opposite the window.

Treasure #4: Mother of Pearl Horn

After finding the previous Treasure, head back outside of the room and exit the building onto the outside balcony. Turn right to the end of the balcony, and you'll find the Treasure hidden around the corner.

Treasure #5: Persian Bronze Bowl

After you've pickpocketed the waiter for his keycard, head into the underground with Sam. In the first pantry area, don't follow Sam straight through into the next part of the level. Instead, head up to the left onto the slightly elevated area and look behind the boxes and barrels to find this Treasure.

Treasure #6: Brass Barber's Bowl

After you pass by the room with all the security guards in it (the one where you can peek through the window), you'll follow Sam down loads of stairs. At the very bottom, turn around and check the small area just under the final staircase. The Treasure will be there, but it's easy to miss.

Treasure #7: Syrian Vase

This is a tricky Treasure to find. Once you've crawled through the vents and you're back outside, don't follow Sam to the gate. Instead, jump over the balcony and down to the level below. Go the only way that you can, and climb the buildings. You'll need to jump across to a couple of rooftops to get back up to Sam's level, and this Treasure is right on the corner of the first rooftop.

Treasure #8: Persian Candlestick

This can be another tough Treasure to track down. Once you boost Sam up and he kicks the ladder down, follow him, but don't drop down to the next part of the level. Instead, head across towards the door to the left. From here, look right and you should see a well-lit balcony. To get there, you'll need to climb up to the roof and make an awkward jump straight across from where you are. The Treasure is on the floor once you're across.

Please note that this jump can be difficult to judge, and if you miss, you won't be able to get the Treasure without restarting the entire Chapter (the game checkpoints as soon as you drop down with Sam). It's a good idea to save your game manually before attempting the jump, so you can reload that save if you miss.

Treasure #9: Mughal Dagger

When you've parted ways with Sam and you're heading towards the radio tower by yourself, you'll get to a point where you have to swing across some metal poles. There's a cutscene where Nate will fall. Once you've climbed back up, you'll need to swing across more metal poles. Swing across the first one, and then drop down the side of this platform. There are some ledges that you can climb up, and the Treasure is sitting on one of them.

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