Where are all the Treasures in Uncharted 4 Chapter 3? In this early Chapter, Nathan Drake is working for a salvage company, and he's been contracted to help retrieve cargo from a truck that crashed into a river. There are no dangers in this Chapter and you can't drown, so you can take your time finding the Treasures.

There are 4 Treasures to find in Chapter 3.

Treasure #1: Antique Padlock

This first Treasure can be found to just a few seconds into the Chapter. Swim forward and a bit to the right from where you begin, and you'll spot the Treasure underneath a log that's balanced across two rocky pillars.

Treasure #2: Chiriqui Shark Trinket

Continue through the Chapter until you come across a kind of underwater cave structure. Take the left tunnel, and you should see the Treasure lying to your right on the rocks. Take the right tunnel, and it'll be to your left.

Treasure #3: Antique Pocketwatch

This Treasure can be tricky to find. Once you've found the container with the cargo, swim beyond it and a bit to the right. The Treasure is right up next to a wall of stone, behind some thick seaweed. You might need to get quite close to it in order to spot the glimmer.

Treasure #4: Antique Arcade Token

Once you're out of the water and on the boat, walk up the stairs and onto the platform with shelves. You'll find this hard-to-miss Treasure on one of the shelves.

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