Where are all the Treasures in Uncharted 4 Chapter 2? In this early Chapter, Nathan Drake finds himself in a jail, on an island in Panama. Exploration is limited, and finding the Treasures is quite straightforward as long as you don't charge ahead.

There are 2 Treasures to find in Chapter 2.

Treasure #1: Panamanian Cat Pendant

Once the handcuffs are off and you're outside of the jail heading towards the ruined tower, go towards the grappling hook. On the way, you should see a large well. Simply climb down into it to find the Treasure, which should be glittering in the dark.

Treasure #2: Navaja Folding Knife

The second Treasure is inside the ruined tower itself. Once you've found your way inside, drop down to the floor. The Treasure is located on top of some rubble behind a wooden pillar.

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