Where are all the Treasures in Uncharted 4 Chapter 10? In this Chapter, Nate, Sam, and Sully travel through the wilderness of Madagascar via jeep. This is a very open level featuring a lot of exploration. Naturally, there are a large number of Treasures to discover. As always, we'd suggest taking your time and looking for any locations that stand out — like ruins or caves.

There are 15 Treasures to find in Chapter 10.

Treasure #1: Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box

Right near the start of the Chapter, you'll drive past some old ruins. Climb to the top of the ruined building and snatch the Treasure from the old wooden crane.

Treasure #2: Eroded Flintlock Pistol

This Treasure is behind a big waterfall not too far into the Chapter. Drive (or run) inside the cave, and then pull the crate down with your grappling hook. Use the crate to climb up onto the wooden structure. The Treasure is resting just to the right.

Treasure #3: Mughal Ivory Powder Flask

You'll come to a point where you can't drive the jeep up a steep, muddy slope. There's a ruined tower here, and the Treasure is at the top, sitting on a wooden box.

Treasure #4: Parchment Scroll

Not long after using the jeep's winch for the first time (back at the ruined tower), you'll drive past some more (smaller) ruins. This Treasure is sitting on a box in plain sight.

Treasure #5: Ancient Fertility Idol

Keep driving through the level and you'll come to a path that kind of loops back onto itself. The the top of the loop, you'll find large stones that stop the jeep from going any further. Jump out of the car and climb over the rock yourself. The Treasure is inside this area, to the left of where you enter.

Treasure #6: Pocket Celestial Map

After the combat scenario that involves a whole bunch of mercenaries — including a sniper on the tower — you'll need to pull down a large wooden bridge using the jeep's winch. Once you're back on the road, drive to the left in this next area to come across a small ruined building. The Treasure rests just on top.

Treasure #7: English Ale Bottle

This Treasure is inside some ruins that are near the Western edge of this Chapter's largest area. You'll need to park the jeep up against the wall in order to climb to the top of the ruins. Then, shoot the explosive barrels to reveal a way into the building itself. Go down inside, and you'll find the Treasure.

Treasure #8: Pewter Letter Cylinder

In the same huge area as the previous Treasure, drive towards the Eastern edge of the level, and look for an old well. Park the jeep next to the well, and take the winch down inside. Wrap it around the damaged wooden pillar that's across the gap, and Sam / Sully will pull it down for you. Use the fallen wooden beam to reach the Treasure's location.

Treasure #9: Mughal Box

This is one of the most difficult Treasures to find in the entire game. In the same area as the previous two Treasures, go all the way to the Eastern edge of the level, and look for carved stone pillars. Follow these pillars and you should come to a large hill. You can drive right to the very top of this hill, but you'll need to take a path that can be very, very easy to miss. This path is to the left of a single tree. Drive up there, and the Treasure is in the ruins at the top.

Treasure #10: English Musket Bandolier

Again, in this same large area, head to the right towards the black smoke, but don't go directly to it yet (by driving up the hills). Instead, keep driving right until you find a path that leads to more ruins, which are guarded by a group of enemies. Defeat them, and then blow up the explosive barrels to reveal a hidden entrance that leads below. The Treasure is inside.

Treasure #11: Antique Tea Tin

Yet again, we're still in that large, open area. This Treasure is in another set of ruins guarded by enemies — only it's to the left of the smoke, off another path a bit farther up the hills. Once the enemies are defeated, look for doors that are strapped with dynamite. You can either shoot the dynamite or use the nearby switch to detonate them. The Treasure is inside.

Treasure #12: Scottish Two Pence Coin

Finally, a Treasure that's easy to find! Once you're at the beacon, get out of the jeep and climb to the top. The Treasure is right there, sitting where the flames would be.

Treasure #13: Scottish Snuff Mull

Once you're past the combat scenario where you have to open the big gate, and you're beyond the part where you have to use the jeep's winch again, keep going until you arrive at the final tower. This Treasure is out in the open, on top of some boxes to the right of the old wooden doors you smash down with Sam.

Treasure #14: Brass and Ivory Tankard

This Treasure is really easy to miss. Once you open a gate using a wheel, you'll be in an old room. The Treasure is located to the left, behind some objects on an old table, close to the wall.

Treasure #15: Muff Pistol

This Chapter's final treasure is in the same room as the last. Look for some wooden boxes in the corner of the room, and blow them up with a grenade or shoot them. The Treasure is on the floor underneath.

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