Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 THPS1 Gaps Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

How do you do all gaps in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2's THPS1 Tour on PS5 and PS4? Where are all the gaps in each THPS 1 level? As part of our Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 guide, we're going to tell you where to find every gap in the THPS 1 Tour, and what you need to do to pull them off.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2: All Gaps in Every THPS 1 Tour Level

Here's every gap in the THPS1 Tour.

All Gaps in Warehouse

Gap Name Points Value Description
Big Rail 200 Grind the red rail in the middle of the warehouse from one end to the other
Channel Gap 250 Between the big slopes are three quarter pipes. Land a trick while jumping from one to the other
Deck 2 Rail 300 One quarter pipe leads to a raised area with another quarter pipe. Get onto this deck and leap from it to grind on the big rail
Face Plant 400 Same area as above with the layered quarter pipes. You need to jump from the first quarter pipe and over the second one to get this gap
High Rail 200 At the back of the warehouse on the right-hand side is a quarter pipe with a rail above. You need to jump up to this rail and grind from one end to the other
Holy Shi... 3,000 You need to grind from one side of the entire back quarter pipe to the other in one go
Kicker 2 Ledge 200 Jump from the kicker ramp facing into the warehouse onto the side ledge
Kicker Gap 100 Jump from one kicker ramp to the other
Monster Grind 500 Grind the high rail above the back quarter pipe, then drop down and grind the quarter pipe and the rail leading to the large half pipe
Over The Pipe 300 Clear the large half pipe in one big jump
Secret Room 300 Jump up from one side of the half pipe into the "secret" room above
Taxi 2 Ledge 500 Jump from the taxi near the half pipe to the ledge next to the large quarter pipe
Taxi Gap 600 Jump from the taxi into the half pipe
Transfer 200 On the back quarter pipe is a U-shaped bend. Do a spine transfer from one side to the other
Transition Grind 400 From inside the half pipe, jump and wallride to the quarter pipe next to the large slope and grind it

All Gaps in School

Gap Name Points Value Description
Ditchin Class 250 There are two arched bridges over a wide ditch. Next to each bridge is a short kicker ramp. Jump from one of these ramps to the other side
Dumpster Rail Gap 250 Outside the gym are two rails held up by some dumpsters. Grind up one rail, ollie to the other, and grind it as well
Funbox To Table Transfer 500 Near the ditch is a climbing wall with a table and funbox next to it. Jump from the funbox and grind the table
Garbage Ollie 50 Around the back of the gym is a single dumpster. Simply ollie over it
Gimme Gap 50 From the starting position, ramp off the canopy and grind the planter below
Hall Pass Gap 1,000 From where you start, turn around and find the winding path down to the pools area. You'll see a rail going above this path. Grind it, jump at the end, and grind the ledge below
All-Access Gap 500 Grind the blue rail from the top of the stairs all the way down
Huge Rail 1,000 Cross the bridge to the large pink building. You need to grind the top of the entire quarter pipe that wraps around this building
Kicker Gap 100 There are two large kicker ramps opposite each other. Ollie from one to the other
Long Ass Rail 2,500 From the top of the winding path that leads down from the gym, grind the right-hand edge all the way down
Mini Gap 250 There are two quarter pipes with a tiny gap between them. Jump from one quarter pipe to the other
Over a Footbridge 1,000 Go into the ditch with the two bridges above it. Use the slopes to launch yourself over one of the bridges
Over the Air Conditioner 750 Get up onto the roof of the gym. There's a large square air conditioner with a ramp next to it. Jump off this ramp and clear the air conditioner. You'll need a lot of air to pull this off
Park Gap 500 Opposite the above mentioned Mini Gap, on the other side of the climbing wall, are two other quarter pipes separated by some doors. Jump from one side to the other
Planter Gap 100 Outside the gym, grind one planter, then ollie to another and grind it
Playground Rail 500 From the funbox next to the climbing wall, ollie up to the wall and grind its length
Rail To Rail Transfer 750 On the slop leading down from the gym, start a grind on the rail or the side, then ollie and continue to grind on the other
Roof To Awning Gap 750 From atop the air conditioner on the gym roof, you'll see a pipe leading down to a green awning. Instead of grinding the pipe, jump from the air conditioner to the awning
Roof To Roof Gap 500 From the gym roof, you'll be able to see a nearby tall building. Ollie off of the quarter pipe and across to this lower roof
Funbox To Rail Transfer 250 From the funbox next to the climbing wall, jump to the quarter pipe and grind it
Downhill Manual 1,000 Hold a manual all the way down the winding path down from the gym to the main courtyard
Across The Gym 100 Go inside the gym and head to one side. Perform a manual over to the other side
Roof Hop 100 There's an area with two quarter pipes opposite each other near the bridges, with a low building to one side. Use the quarter pipe to get on top of this building's roof
Down The Awning 100 Get to the gym roof. Jump down onto the green awning or grind the pipe down. Manual all the way to the end of the awning
Perfectly Balanced 500 Grind the balance beam in the gym
Gigantic Rail 2,000 Grind the colourful quarter pipe that leads to the pool the entire way
Ridiculous Rail 2,500 From starting position, drop down and turn around. Find the winding path that leads down to the pool. You need to grind the left-hand ledge all the way from where it starts at the wall, and all the way down to the pool

All Gaps in Mall

Gap Name Points Value Description
Huge Stair Set Off A Mezzanine 2,500 At the end of the level is a ramp that leads to a level above the final set of stairs. Use this to ollie over the stairs
Coffee Grind 1,000 After smashing through the doors, stick to the left. Grind the long rail on the left-hand side all the way
The Flying Leap 100 Continue on from the above rail to find a slope up. Leap off the top to the lower floor
For the Whole Atrium 500 Either side of the final room is a raised rail. Grind either of them from one side of the room to the other
Fountain Gap 250 Jump from the rickety looking slope into the hole in the fountain
Exit Stage Right 250 Half way down is an area with three quarter pipes. From the center quarter pipe, ollie over to the right-hand quarter pipe
Exit Stage Left 250 Same as above but to the left-hand quarter pipe
Over A Stair Set 250 Wallride/ollie over a left-hand set of stairs
Over A Huge Stair Set 2,000 At the end of the level is a large staircase. Ollie over the entire thing
Planter Gap 100 Jump from one planter to the next
Rail Combo 500 After smashing the doors near the start, go up a level and to the left is a rail. Grind it, then ollie down and grind on the Coffee Grind rail
Skater Escalator Gap 500 After the letter A location is an escalator on the left side. You need to clear the escalator in one jump
Across The Light Beam 250 After the fountain, stick to the right and grind the rail past the ramp and the car. Ollie at the end, drop below the light rails, and grind one of the beams below
The Long Rail 1,500 After the fountain, stick to the right. At the next big slope, grind the right-hand rail and the following ledge all the way down
The Short Rail 1,000 After the fountain, stick to the left. At the next big slope, go down the escalator and grind the rail that's around the corner

All Gaps in Skate Park

Gap Name Points Value Description
Acid Drop 1,000 Drop from the walkway into the pool
Across The Park 500 Go into the corner by the pool. Perform a manual across to the opposite wall
Around The Bend 500 Grind the entire outside of the pool
HP Transfer 250 From the starting point, head towards the short quarter pipe, which is next to the large half pipe. Ollie from the quarter pipe to the half pipe, or vice versa
Light Grind 500 Build up some speed and head to the quarter pipe that backs onto the half pipe. Transfer over it at an angle and grind the hanging light
Over The Box 100 From starting position, head left to see a red funbox. Jump over it
Over The Pipe 700 Build up lots of speed. Using the quarter pipe on the outside of the half pipe, jump over the whole half pipe
Over The Rafters 2,000 Build up lots of speed. Using the quarter pipe on the outside of the half pipe, jump over the light and rafter above the half pipe
Pool 2 Walkway 700 Leap from the inside of the pool to the walkway
Pool Hip 500 Head for the blue pool. Transfer from one side of the U-shaped part to the other
Pool Rail Trans 1,000 Jump from the inside of the pool to the raised rails
Rafter Rail 1,000 Build up some speed and head to the quarter pipe that backs onto the half pipe. Transfer over it at an angle and grind the rafter above the light
Transfer 200 Transfer from the outside of the half pipe to the inside, or vice versa
Walkway Rail Trans 700 From starting position, turn right and head up to the walkway on the right. Jump from here to one of the raised grind rails
Wall Gap 100 When you start, straight ahead is a wall and rail next to each other. Come at this from the side and hop the wall
Wall Gap Jr. 50 As above, but hop the rail instead
Whoop Gap 1,000 At the raised grind rails, ollie from one of the platforms and over the other

All Gaps in Downtown

Gap Name Points Value Description
Big Ass 1,500 Jump the width of the raised platform outside the cinema
Billboard Grind 500 In the quarter pipe area on the rooftop, use the ramp to jump down to the billboard and grind it
BS Gap 500 Ollie from a short ramp right over the bus stop
BS Grind 200 Jump from a short ramp and grind the top of the bus stop
Burly Deck Gap 2,500 Transfer over the widest part of the triangular deck
Car Ollie 100 Ollie over a parked car
Cheesy Deck Gap 50 Transfer over the corner of the triangular deck
Death Grind 2,000 On the second rooftop, use the large ramp to ollie down and grind the rail below
Deck Gap 250 Transfer over the middle of the triangular deck
Dirty Rail 3,000 From the cinema, go down the right-hand road. Use the large ramp near the bottom to ollie onto and grind the rail leading to the fountain
Glass Gap 750 At the cinema, use the short slope as a ramp and smash through the glass above the doors
Kicker Gap 100 At start position, jump from one small kicker ramp to the one opposite
Kicker 2 Edge 100 From start position, ollie off kicker ramp onto the right-hand ledge
Kicker 2 Street 100 From starting position, turn around and use kicker ramp to ollie onto the street above
Rail 2 Rail 750 There are two rails opposite each other leading up to the raised deck. Grind up one, ollie and then grind the other
Roof 2 Roof 2,000 Use the ramp with the arrow on it to get from the first rooftop to the second
Secret Tunnel Entrance 500 Near the elevated glass walkway is a large ramp. Gain some speed, then use this ramp to reach the walkway
Sucky Room Gap 1,500 On the first rooftop, use the small ramp to ollie into the room behind the yellowed window
T 2 T Gap 500 Use the truck as a ramp to get to the corridor that leads to the rooftop
Transfer 200 Opposite cinema, transfer over from one side of the quarter pipes to the other
Truck Gap 250 Ollie over the truck that's half out of a garage
Tunnel Gap 1,000 Same as Secret Tunnel Entrance, only you ollie through the whole tunnel rather than land inside
Wimpy Gap 250 In fountain area, there are some planters. Ollie off of one onto the grassy bank above
Mechanic Gap 500 At the truck that's half out of a garage, wallride over it
Box Office Gap 1,000 Go inside the cinema. From the back, start a manual and hold it all the way out to the street
Skyway Gap 1,000 Get up onto the first roof. Turn around, and manual through the glass walkway
Super Skyway Gap 5,000 As above, start a manual from the roof, through the glass walkway, and all the way down the corridor to the entrance. You'll want high manual balance stats for this

All Gaps in Downhill Jam

Gap Name Points Value Description
Huge Water Hazard 1,000 Near the start is a big ravine with two pipes over it. Use the kicker to the left to launch yourself over the whole gap
Neversoft Elec Co 1,500 Near the end is a section with two low ramps in the middle and quarter pipes either side. Use pipes to gain momentum, then launch up on the right-hand quarter pipe high enough to grind the rail
25 Feet / 50 Feet / 75 Feet / 100 Feet / 125 Feet 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 Get on top of the "KEEP CLEAR" structure using the steep hill and follow it down through a tunnel. Ollie out the other side. You'll get more of these gaps the further you travel
Pipe Flip 1,000 Before the half pipe, use the ramp on the left to get up and grind the rail to get across. Follow the path along, then ollie over the next rail and back down to the main level
Hydrophobic 250 After the "KEEP CLEAR" distance gaps above, there are two short ramps either side of a shallow pool of water. Get from one side to the other in one ollie
The Downhill Halfpipe 200 In the half pipe, get lots of air and ollie up to the top of the chainlink fence on the left-hand side. Grind the top all the way down
The Other Downhill Halfpipe 200 In the half pipe, grind the lip of the right-hand side of the half pipe all the way down

All Gaps in Burnside

Gap Name Points Value Description
Transfer 200 Ollie into the rectangular pool, or out of it
Twinkie Transfer 700 Ollie into the rectangular pool off of the small ramp nearby
Vert Wall Gap 700 Spine transfer from the inside of the eyeball pool to the tall quarter pipe
Bridge Grind 800 Use the pink funbox to ollie up to the bridge support and grind it
Over Da Pool 800 Build up speed, then use the tall quarter pipe to ollie right over the eyeball pool
Bridge Gap 1,000 Use the pink funbox to ollie up and through the bridge support
Triple Rail 1,000 From start position, turn left and get up onto the ledge. Grind the three red barriers in one combo
Lippn' The Bridge 500 Perform a lip trick on the bridge support
Top Shelf Lip 1,000 Perform a lip trick on the upper ledge of the quarter pipe withe the koi fish graffiti
Bottom Shelf Lip 500 Perform a lip trick on the quarter pipe with the koi fish graffiti
Rollin' The Hill 500 Perform a manual over the small hump near the blue pool
Something in da Eye 500 Perform a lip trick in the eyeball pool
Over da Pool Landing 1,000 As with 'Over da Pool', only go even further over the pool

All Gaps in Streets

Gap Name Points Value Description
Acid Drop-In 1,000 There's a quarter pipe around to the left from the slope near the start. Use it to get up to a left-hand balcony. Then, drop back down to the quarter pipe
Around The Fountain 250 Grind the length of the fountain in the plaza
Backwoods Ledge 250 Find the large planter with the quarter pipe in the middle. Use one of the ramps on the sides to get up to the ledge, grind all the way along
Bendy's Lip 500 Near the sculpture is a cop car and a corner quarter pipe. Grind the entire quarter pipe
C Block Gap 500 Use the small kicker ramp to clear the centerpiece in the middle of the plaza
Down The Spiral 2,000 Grind all the way down the spiral tower
Fountain Gap 750 Find the sculpture/fountain in the plaza. Get onto the side of it and use it to ramp up to the ledge of the building
The Gonz Gap 500 Grind the tall planter in the plaza towards the sculpture, ollie down and grind the steps
Handi Gap 1,000 Transfer from the quarter pipe outside the diner over to the next quarter pipe
Hook Rail 750 Get up to overpass opposite the sculpture. There's a right-hand rail that goes down and around — grind it all the way
Hubba Gap 750 From starting position, go down the slope and to the left. There's an overpass with small ramps either side. Build up some speed, then use one of these ramps to ollie all the way over the overpass
Hubba Hop 500 Near the small ramps mentioned above are planters against the building. Use one of these to launch up to the upper level
Hubba Ledge 500 Get on the overpass opposite the sculpture. Grind the ledge down the steps
Ledge Hop 200 Go into Chinatown. Turn around and take the left-hand alleyway. Use the ramp to ollie up and grind the ledge
Lombard Ledge 250 From starting location, go to the slope and grind the left-hand rail all the way down
Oversized 8 Set 500 Ollie the set of stairs near the diner
Over The Seven 100 At the plaza, get onto the grassy section and head towards the gazebo. Ollie off the end to clear the steps
Pagoda Gap 1,000 Use the sculpture to get on top of the buildings. Use the large ramp to smash through the top of the gazebo
Planter Gap 500 There are two planters near the plaza. Ollie over either of them lengthways
Porch Gap 250 In Chinatown, go down the alleyway and ollie off the ledge
Rail 2 Rail 500 Near the tower with the spiral, grind the two rails on the left
Ramp 2 Ramp 500 In Chinatown, ollie from one of the back quarter pipes to the other
Spine Gap 1,000 At the plaza, build up speed with a quarter pipe, then use the small ramp to leap into the plaza and over the large patch of grass
Street Gap 500 In Chinatown, go up the main slope then go down the left-hand path and jump down to the street
Up The Spiral 2,500 Grind all the way up the spiral tower

All Gaps in Roswell

Gap Name Points Value Description
BHouse Rail 1,000 From starting point, go left and up onto the quarter pipe. Grind the whole rail
Channel Gap 500 At the entrance to the room with the UFO inside, there are quarter pipes either side. Ollie from one side to the other
Deck Gap 1,500 Get up onto the center deck and use one of the kicker ramps to launch down to the ground
Deck Grind 800 Same as above but grind the middle rail on the way down
Grey Grind 1,000 Go into lower entrance of where the alien is. Exit and grind the three rails in one combo
High Deck Gap 1,000 Launch over the entire middle deck using the quarter pipes
Low Deck Gap 500 At the lower end of the middle deck, use the kicker ramps to ollie across
Pool Grind 2,000 In the room with the UFO, grind the entire edge of the pool
Roll In Channel Gap 1,000 Use the quarter pipes either side of the ramp you start on to ollie from one side to the other
Nasty in the Pasty 1,000 Use one of the quarter pipes on the side of the high deck to vault onto the hook-shaped rail and grind it
Cover Up 1,000 Get up on top of the quarter pipe on top of the deck in the middle. Manual across it
Roswell That End's Well 500 Perform a manual past the alien

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