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Where is the new quest in The Witcher 3 PS5? This is a fresh quest that was added to The Witcher 3's 'next-gen' update. On PlayStation, it's exclusive to the PS5 version of the game, and has ties to Netflix's The Witcher series.

In this The Witcher 3 guide, we're going to detail where you can actually find the quest, and the rewards that you get from it.

The Witcher 3 PS5 Netflix Quest Location

The so-called Netflix quest is found in Velen, at a location that's always been present in the game, but had no quest tied to it until now. The quest itself is called In The Eternal Fire's Shadow, and the suggested level is 15.

To get to level 15 or so, you'll likely need to complete a number of quests in Velen. This means that the Netflix quest may be too difficult if you head there as soon as you enter Velen, very early in the game.

Here's the quest's location on the map:

The Witcher 3 PS5: Netflix Quest Location and Rewards 2
Image: Push Square

The Witcher 3 PS5 New Quest Walkthrough

The Witcher 3 PS5: Netflix Quest Location and Rewards 3
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In The Eternal Fire's Shadow is a relatively straightforward quest, but it's quite long, and will take you around half an hour or more to complete.

We've broken down the quest's structure into bullet points, which you can find below.

  1. Talk to the Eternal Fire priest outside of the Devil's Pit, and agree to help him
  2. Fight your way through the bandits and proceed towards the bottom level of the Pit
  3. Enter the mine through the large wooden doors
  4. Follow the linear path through the mine, looting and reading the notes along the way
  5. When you get to an open room, you'll need to fight four plague victims, now cursed and undead. They're stronger than regular human enemies, but share the same attack patterns
  6. Continue through the tunnels, and read any notes that you find
  7. You'll eventually come to a small room with a note, which triggers a cutscene
  8. Check the Red Miasmal's entry in the bestiary, and then brew Reinald's potion. You can't use this potion yet — it'll stay in your inventory as a quest item
  9. Follow the tunnels to the final chamber and break Reinald free from his prison with Aard
  10. In the dialogue that follows, you can catch "Reinald" out by selecting the bottom option
  11. Refuse to give Reinald the potion, unless you want him to be more powerful in the imminent fight
  12. Defeat Reinald in combat. He's aggressive and he'll make use of a Quen shield to deal damage back to you if you keep attacking. Try to counter his sword swings when you can
  13. Defeat the second boss. This is a fairly easy fight if you can avoid the monster's ranged fire attacks. Watch out for the summoned plague victims as well
  14. In the dialogue that follows, your choices can impact how this quest ends. Regardless of what happens after, Geralt will take crafting diagrams from Reinald

The Witcher 3 PS5 New Quest Rewards

The Witcher 3 PS5: Netflix Quest Location and Rewards 4
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For completing In The Eternal Fire's Shadow, you'll unlock a full set of crafting diagrams for the Forgotten Wolven equipment. All of this gear requires Geralt to be level 20 before he can equip it.

The Forgotten Wolven armour set is classed as Medium armour. Its design is based on Geralt's armour from Netflix's The Witcher.

Its perks are as follows:

Bonus for 3 pieces
Increases the duration of potions. The bonus increases by 7% for each piece of the set.
Bonus for 6 pieces
Aard deals additional damage to enemies affected by Yrden.

A second quest is also unlocked after completing In The Eternal Fire's Shadow. It involves travelling to Kaer Morhen later in the game and collecting additional diagrams, which can be used to enhance the Forgotten Wolven equipment.

Have you completed the new quest in The Witcher 3 PS5? Check out our other The Witcher 3 guides and then show off your new armour in the comments section below.