Who lives and who dies in The Last of Us 2? While we strongly recommend playing and enjoying Naughty Dog’s story without spoilers, many people are curious as to the fate of key characters in the campaign. As part of our The Last of Us 2 guide, we’re going to be as vague as we possibly can while still answering some of your burning queries, but please be aware there are huge spoilers on this page. Once again, we encourage you to play the game for yourself before reading on.

The Last of Us 2: Spoilers - Who Lives and Who Dies?

The Last of Us 2: Spoilers - Who Lives and Who Dies?

In this article we’re going to dig into the fates of some of The Last of Us 2’s key cast members. For a full cast list, refer to our guide: The Last of Us 2: Full Cast List. Remember, there are spoilers in this article.

The Last of Us 2: Does Ellie Die?

No, Ellie does not die in The Last of Us 2. Her quest for revenge takes her to the brink, and while she suffers many injuries, her biggest loss is an emotional one. By the end of the game she is suffering from PTSD and is a husk of her younger self.

The Last of Us 2: Does Joel Die?

Yes, unfortunately Joel's murderous past catches up with him and he falls victim to the revenge plot of one of the game's other key characters. Much of the campaign is about you seeking revenge, and also learning about why he was slaughtered in the first place.

The Last of Us 2: Does Dina Die?

No, although the events of the story lead to heartbreak for Dina as Ellie refuses to resist her quest for revenge. She ends up leaving behind her dream life with the woman she loves, presumably to return to the sanctuary of Jackson.

The Last of Us 2: Does Tommy Die?

While it's alluded that Tommy dies in an earlier scene, it actually turns out that he's alive, albeit permanently damaged by the injuries he's sustained. His lust for vengeance not only costs him his health, but also his marriage.

The Last of Us 2: Does Abby Die?

No, Abby is alive at the end of The Last of Us 2, after Ellie decides to spare her. After being captured by the Rattlers she's pushed to the brink, and realising that no good can come from the cycle of vengeance that Joel started, Ellie decides to let her leave with Lev.

Were you happy with the conclusion to The Last of Us 2's story, or did you feel that certain characters should have survived or died? Check out our The Last of Us 2 guide, and let us know in the comments section below.