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Visually, The Last of Us 2 is an outrageously good-looking game. Even on a standard PlayStation 4 console, Naughty Dog's latest action adventure impresses at every turn. However, while the zoomed out picture is wonderful as a whole, what's amazing is when you take the time to appreciate some of the smaller details. In addition to all The Last of Us 2 Easter eggs and references, there is an obsessive level of detail in this game's world. As part of our comprehensive The Last of Us 2 guide, we've compiled a list of the game's most impressive technical details.

Please beware of potential spoilers below.

Bandages become soaked with blood over time

When you use a first aid kit to heal in The Last of Us 2, the character you're playing as will wrap their arm with a bandage. However, if you look closely, you'll notice that the injury they cover up will continue to bleed, and will gradually turn the bandages red over time.

Glass physics

It's common knowledge that you can smash glass in The Last of Us 2, but the physics applied to this material goes beyond what you'd expect. For example, say you throw a glass bottle at an enemy — shards of glass will embed themselves in their skin. Also, broken glass has real physical properties; just look at the below clip, in which flying fragments of glass knock over a lamp.

Gore physics

This one is gross, but impressive all the same. You have a few explosives at your disposal, and they are of course extremely powerful. Enemies are blown to smithereens, and their remains have physical properties. For instance, in the below video, you can see the flesh of an unfortunate group of baddies sticking to, and then falling from, the ceiling.

Melee strikes can knock teeth out

Melee is vicious in The Last of Us 2, especially if you run at an enemy with an upgraded weapon. If you smash an enemy across the face with a melee attack, their teeth may fly out, a detail you might miss without jumping into Photo Mode. Ouch!

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Abby's fear of heights is subtly shown during gameplay

It's established during the game that Abby has a fear of heights. This is voiced in dialogue, and during a particularly precarious section late in the game. However, if you're playing as Abby, approach the edge of an elevated platform. You'll notice that her fear of heights is presented onscreen. The field of view changes, the screen's edges are blurred, and Abby becomes short of breath.

Environments are full of unique details

There are unique elements throughout the game's open areas and buildings. While there are some repeated items here and there, you'll never come across the same room twice, and environmental detail is absurd no matter where you look. One unique example is the below hot tub which, if you look closely, is full of tadpoles. To our knowledge, this only appears once in the game, and you can easily walk right past it.

If your backpack gets wet, the items inside it do too

Naughty Dog has impressed before with making clothes wet in its previous games, but it's taking things a step further in The Last of Us 2. If your backpack is submerged in water, items you carry inside it — notes, maps, weapons — become wet as well. Apparently, if you half-submerge the backpack, items will also only be half wet.

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Blood melts snow

There are a few snowy areas in The Last of Us 2, and for these parts of the game, Naughty Dog has gone mad. Blood is warm, of course, and so any blood spilled in snow-covered locations will melt the snow it touches.

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Snow falls off trees if you walk into them

While we're talking about snow, you'll see it gathered up on trees in certain areas. If you walk through the branches of these trees, the snow will fall off in a natural way. You can see it in action in the time stamped video below.

What crazy details have you spotted in The Last of Us 2? Tell us in the comments section below, and check out our The Last of Us 2 guide for much more on the game.