How do you get the Tactical Pistol in The Callisto Protocol? One of many unlockable weapons in the game, the Tactical Pistol represents an upgrade over the standard handgun. In this The Callisto Protocol guide, we are going to reveal how to get the Tactical Pistol.

The Callisto Protocol: How to Get the Tactical Pistol

The Callisto Protocol: How to Get the Tactical Pistol 1
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The Tactical Pistol can be acquired in chapter six, Below. Shortly into the level, you'll be introduced to a new enemy type that's blind. When this happens, there'll be two forks in the path: one leads left and the other right. Take the left-hand corridor and follow it along until you spot another room on your right. In here will be the Tactical Pistol Schematic. Pick it up, but remember it takes up a slot in your inventory.

Take it to a Reforge station, upload the Tactical Pistol Schematic, and then you'll be able to buy the Tactical Pistol for 600 Callisto Credits.

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