How do you get the Assault Rifle in The Callisto Protocol? One of many unlockable weapons in the game, it's a fully automatic gun that can tear through enemies with ease. In this The Callisto Protocol guide, we're going to reveal how to get the Assault Rifle.

The Callisto Protocol: How to Get the Assault Rifle

The Callisto Protocol: How to Get the Assault Rifle 5
Image: Push Square

The Assault Rifle can be acquired during the game's seventh chapter, Colony. Once you reach the town area, you'll need to take a ladder up to the second level that's marked Midtown next to it. Pass through the General Store, and then instead of taking the path on your right, follow the one on the left into the bathroom. Here on the shelf will be the Assault Rifle Schematic.

Take the Assault Rifle Schematic to a Reforge station and you'll be able to buy the Assault Rifle for 1,000 Callisto Credits.

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