What are the best upgrades to get first in The Callisto Protocol? Enhancing your weapons and equipment with new toys and firepower is important to making progression in The Callisto Protocol, so it's good to have an idea of what upgrades you should try and get first. In this The Callisto Protocol guide, we're going to reveal the best upgrades to get first.

The Callisto Protocol: Best Upgrades to Get First

In order to start upgrading your gadgets and guns, you will first need Callisto Credits. These are found throughout the game, on the floor, inside cupboards, and on shelves. Pick them up as and when you can. Another source of Callisto Credits is enemies. When you kill one, always make sure to stomp on them afterwards. They always produce an item and there's a chance it'll be Callisto Credits.

If you are wanting bigger hauls at once, keep an eye out for chests on the ground. They are generally located just off the main path, tucked away in side rooms or at the end of optional areas. When opened, they reward larger sums of Callisto Credits.

To actually start spending your Callisto Credits on upgrades, you'll need to find a Reforge station. These machines will be fairly obvious when you spot one, lit up and enticing you into parting ways with your currency. Take your Callisto Credits to any one of the Reforge stations you find and begin buying the upgrades we recommend.

Listed below are the best upgrades to get first for every gadget and weapon in the game. While their ability trees will expand beyond our recommendations, these are the upgrades you should buy before the rest.

Stun Baton

You'll find the Stun Baton as part of the main story early on. The upgrades we recommend are:

Blocking Counter Attack
When you successfully block an enemy, you can follow up with your own attack that'll sweep them off their feet and make it much easier to land more hits.
Riot Control Swing
You can now use a much heavier attack with the R1 button, allowing you to deal lots of damage all at once. It has a long wind-up time, but if you use it correctly, it'll knock enemies down much more quickly.
Damage Upgrade Level 1
Both your standard swings and heavy attack will deal even more damage, meaning enemies will die quicker.

BI-55 Pistol

The Hand Cannon is tied to main story progression, given to you early on. The upgrades we recommend are:

Stability Upgrade
There'll be a lot less recoil to deal with, allowing you to more accurately place follow-up shots.
High Capacity Magazine Upgrade
With more shots available to you before a reload, you can take down more enemies at once.
Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade
Your shots now deal more damage, downing foes even quicker.


The GRP gadget is acquired through main story progression. The upgrades we recommend are:

Energy Upgrade - Small
You'll now have more energy available to you, meaning you can use the GRP's abilities more at once.
GRP Velocity Upgrade - Small
Not only will you be throwing enemies all over the place, but with this upgrade, you'll actually be damaging them while you do it.
GRP Velocity Upgrade - Medium
Now your throws will do even more damage.

Skunkworks Shotgun

To unlock the Skunkworks Shotgun, you'll first need to find its schematic. Follow our How to Get the Skunk Gun guide for more information, and the upgrades we recommend are:

High Capacity Magazine Upgrade
As a shotgun, having access to as many shells as possible before a reload is vital. This upgrade increases your capacity.
Stability Upgrade
Shooting a shotgun usually results in a lot of spread and recoil, but this upgrade will lessen the effect.
Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade
This type of weapon is built to deal a lot of damage, so more of it is always going to be a bonus.

TK4 Riot Shotgun

The TK4 Riot Shotgun is automatically unlocked during the main story. The upgrades we recommend are:

Stability Upgrade
Another weapon from the shotgun family, it too will have problems with recoil. This upgrade makes the gun more stable when shooting it.
Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade
Once again, the more damage a shotgun can deal at once the better.
High Capacity Magazine Upgrade
The more shells you have in the chamber before you need to reload is pivotal to a good shotgun, and this upgrade boosts its capacity.

UJC Special Ops "Tactical Pistol"

To unlock the Tactical Pistol, you need to find its schematic. Follow our How to Get the Tactical Pistol guide for more information, and the upgrades we recommend are:

Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade
The Tactical Pistol can shoot bullets much quicker than any other gun in the game, so it's best if they're dealing as much damage as they can.
High Capacity Magazine Upgrade
Combined with the previous upgrade, you can shoot more bullets faster, and have them dealing more damage. A deadly combo.
TK33 "Burst Mode"
With this alt-fire mode, you can fire off five high-damage bullets all at once. Even the strongest of enemies will go down after this.

UJC Special Ops "Assault Rifle"

To unlock the Assault Rifle, you'll first need to locate its schematic. Follow our How to Get the Assault Rifle guide for more information, and the upgrades we recommend are:

High Capacity Magazine Upgrade
Since it's probably the best gun in the whole game, making it better with more rounds in the chamber is a real perk.
Magnum Rounds Damage Upgrade
At it's a three-round burst weapon, improving the damage output essentially triples its capabilities.
Stability Upgrade
Always ensure your shots will land where you're aiming by reducing the recoil on the weapon.

Did you find our Best Upgrades to Get First guide for The Callisto Protocol useful? Let us know in the comments below and check out our The Callisto Protocol guide for much more help and information.