Looking for how to level up quickly in World Tour in Street Fighter 6? The sequel's single player campaign is structured like a traditional RPG, and that means you'll want to level up your created character in order to improve their attributes in combat. On this page, as part of our Street Fighter 6 guide, we're going to explain how to level up quickly in World Tour.

Street Fighter 6: How to Level Up Quickly in World Tour

Street Fighter 6: How to Level Up Quickly in World Tour 1
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There are, unsurprisingly, a number of ways to level up and improve your proficiency in combat in World Tour, with EXP being the most important attribute of all. However, it's not the only way to get stronger while exploring the mean streets of Metro City and beyond, and on this page we're going to explain everything you need to know.

Engage People Stronger Than Yourself

It should go without saying, but successful battling people who are a similar level or higher than you will enable you to earn more EXP. Obviously, these fights will be more difficult so you'll need to come prepared, but as long as you've been accumulating Miles and stockpiling Energy Drinks, you shouldn't have too much trouble overcoming impossible odds. One thing to note is that, generally, stronger enemies come out at night, so if you're grinding, you might want to do so under Metro City's moonlight. In addition, much like with money, some opponents also have EXP related challenges, so fulfil those fight conditions to expedite your progress to the next level.

Smash Down Some Supplements

Street Fighter 6: How to Level Up Quickly in World Tour 4
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Supplements can be purchased from most merchants in World Tour or unlocked as rewards by completing Missions, and when consumed these will provide you with a permanent boost to a specific attribute. These will ultimately make you stronger, whether it's improving your punching powers or enhancing your special moves. You may also, in rare instances, find these in SiRN Chests, so make sure you take the time to properly explore.

Sort Out Your Style and Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Just like in any RPG, equipment has a profound impact on your combat attributes. In addition to unlocking and equipping new clothing, you'll also want to upgrade your most effective threads. This ultimately boosts the statistical buffs enabled by your wardrobe, and you should think carefully about your playstyle and which items are right for you. This does get expensive, so make sure you have enough money on hand. Some rarer clothes also come with Perks attached, so you should consider the abilities that best complement your character. Remember, if your optimum outfit looks horrific, you can always change your Gear Appearance separately to benefit from the boosted statistics and still look fresh.

Time to Skill

Street Fighter 6: How to Level Up Quickly in World Tour 7
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As you level up, like in any RPG, you'll unlock Skill Points. These can then be spent on upgrades for your character, and you'll almost always have to pick between a choice of two different options. In general, we'd recommend you select the Skill Points which improve your performance in combat where possible, as opposed to those that help you in World Tour (like lowering the cost of items). This is because, if you're planning to take your avatar online, you'll want to be as strong as possible. The good news is you can always reset your Skill Tree at any time by pressing square on the appropriate menu.

Lap Up Some Lassi

Once you reach Old Nayshall, if you've completed the requisite mission and unlocked the Deliveries app, you can order some Lassi to give yourself a temporary, three minute EXP income boost. While this isn't available in Metro City, the enemies are generally stronger and more rewarding in Old Nayshall, so it makes sense to guzzle down the yogurt drink there to level up quicker.

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