Looking for how to fish in Stellar Blade? While you'll spend most of your time as Eve battling the nefarious Naytibas, even hardened warriors deserve a bit of a break. You won't learn how to fish until you've reached the Great Desert towards the latter stages of the campaign, but if you're eager to master your rodding technique, we've got you covered as part of our Stellar Blade guide.

How Do You Fish in Stellar Blade?

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You won't be able to fish in Stellar Blade until you've reached the Great Desert, which comes after Matrix 11 but prior to Abyss Levoire. Once you reach the Great Desert, head to the oasis in the middle of the sandbox and speak with Clyde, which will trigger the Looking Glass quest.

Next to Clyde you'll find a fishing rod, which you can pick up. However, it's not immediately obvious how to equip it. Hold down on the d-pad to access your grenades, and you'll find the fishing rod on the weapon selection wheel. Select it and then press down on the d-pad again to start fishing.

You can cast your fishing rod with the left stick, or alternatively you can select different baits by holding down on the d-pad. Once you've cast your fishing rod, wait for a bite and press R2 to hook the fish. The objective once you've hooked a fish is to pull the rod away from the direction they're moving and mash the square button to do damage. Periodically, you'll need to reel the fish in by holding the R2 trigger in a "sweet spot", as displayed on the screen. If you successfully reel in the fish within the time limit, you'll catch it.

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Fish you catch are logged in the Data Bank, and you'll accumulate Fishing Score with each successful catch which can be used to purchase intel and bait from Clyde at any time. You can find a list of All Fish Locations and How to Catch Them through the link.

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