Spyro: Reignited Trilogy All Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon Bosses and How to Defeat Them Guide PS4 PlayStation 4

How do you win all the Spyro: Year of the Dragon boss fights in Spyro: Reignited Trilogy? As with the first two games in the reimagined trilogy, Spyro 3 has several bosses to go up against throughout the adventure. As part of our Spyro: Reignited Trilogy guide, we're giving you the lowdown on each dastardly baddie so you're ready to take them on as you find them. If you're looking for help with the bosses in the other two games, check out our guides:

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy - All Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon Bosses and How to Beat Them

Below we've listed each boss encounter to be found in Spyro 3 as well as a description of each boss fight. Take a look and find the boss you're about to face:

Bluto (Sunrise Spring Mini-Boss)

While not a standard boss, Bluto's fight is still a relative challenge compared to most enemies. His challenge in the level 'Seashell Shore' sees Spyro board a small boat armed with rockets, and you're tasked with taking out Bluto's shark-shaped submarine. Your rockets will miss while it's underwater, obviously, so wait until the sub is afloat before attacking. In the meantime, you'll need to dodge it when it charges, as well as its torpedoes. Bluto will occasionally pop up and start repairing his submarine, so keep firing at it to prevent its health from increasing too much. The fight doesn't escalate any further, so keep on hammering away at it to take the victory.

Buzz (Sunrise Spring Boss)

Buzz is the first boss fight in Spyro 3, and isn't too tricky. You'll be accompanied by Sheila to tackle this toad-like creature. As the fight begins, your main aim is to charge at Buzz to bounce him backwards. He'll then hop to one side, and you can then charge him again. Keep doing this to knock him into the lava. Each time he jumps out of the lava, he'll chase after you like a buzzsaw — charge to avoid this.

After the second time you damage him and he's done his buzzsaw move, he'll have a brief shield around him, and you'll need to wait for it to disappear before you charge him again. Further into the fight, he'll also start breathing fire at you, which you can jump over to dodge. Keep on charging him into the lava and eventually he'll be toast.

Sleepyhead (Midday Gardens Mini-Boss)

Another boss that isn't quite a boss, Sleepyhead appears in 'Spooky Swamp'. This mini-boss will throw a bomb at you, with a short timer ticking down before it blows up. You want to charge into it to knock it back at Sleepyhead. After the first bomb hits him, he'll summon some alligators you'll need to take out before hitting the next bomb across. Repeat this process a few times to defeat Sleepyhead.

Spike (Midday Gardens Boss)

This big brute puts up a harder fight than Buzz, so watch out. Spike will immediately start firing lasers at you, so watch out for those and keep an eye out for Sgt. Byrd's ammunition drops — molten rocks, in other words. You can charge into these in order to deal damage to Spike. He'll smash them if he spots them, but there's a fairly constant supply, so hang in there and keep knocking the rocks into him.

After a while he'll jump and crack the floor, and power-ups will start dropping to the arena. Get one of these and shoot fire at Spike to continue damaging him. When he's at low health he'll start blasting at you even more, so pay attention and keep moving to avoid this. He'll be done once you've depleted his health bar.

Scorch (Evening Lake Boss)

The third boss in Spyro 3 is Scorch, a demonic creature created by the Sorceress. Initially, his main attack is summoning crabs you'll have to defeat, but that's easily dealt with. Your pal Bentley will periodically throw in some red rockets, which give Spyro 50 rapid-fire bullets to shoot at Scorch. Sometimes he'll also chuck in some green rockets too, which are homing missiles. Remember to only fire at him when his shield is down.

After you take away some of his health, Scorch will send down energy balls to attack you, which can be avoided by dodging the shadows before they hit the ground. Keep on firing shots at Scorch. His next attack sees him sending out mice carrying TNT. Defeat them with fire and continue damaging Scorch as much as you can.

His next move is to summon Buzz, the first boss! He doesn't have as much health, thankfully, but you'll need to do the same process as the first time: knock him off the arena with your charge attack. Scorch will next summon little fire imps that chase after you. Keep on hitting Scorch with Bentley's weapons, and eventually he'll go down.

Sorceress (Midnight Mountain Boss)

The final boss of Spyro 3 is the Sorceress herself. She'll start things off with a trio of magic attacks, all of which can be dodged by simply staying on the move. Keep on charging around the arena until Agent 9's cannons appear at the side. Hop onto it to shoot at the Sorceress to start dealing damage. These can be tricky to aim, as she'll try to avoid your cannon balls, so try to predict where she's heading.

After you've damaged her a bit, Agent 9's next vehicle drop will be a small tank. This is much easier to control, so use it to decrease her health further. In between tanks, you'll need to keep on avoiding her magic attacks. Towards the end of the fight, Agent 9 will start sending down saucers, which you can freely fly around on, shooting Sorceress from all angles. Continue to deal damage until she finally is flung into the surrounding lava. Congrats, you've saved the world yet again!

And that's all the boss fights in Spyro 3 in Spyro: Reignited Trilogy. Share your own strategies and advice in the comments section below, and read our Spyro: Reignited Trilogy guide for lots more into on the game.