Returnal Where to Find All Sunface Fragments Guide PS5 PlayStation 5

Where are all the Sunface Fragments in Returnal? How do you find the Sunface Fragments? As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to tell you all about the Sunface Fragments, and what you need to do to get them.

Returnal: Where to Find All Sunface Fragments

Returnal Sunface Fragments

In Act 3 of Returnal (after you roll the credits the first time), you will be able to visit all six biomes once again. Upon finding the House, you will notice it won't let you inside. A Xenoglyph nearby mentions something about Overgrown Ruins, and Selene says something about a sun. What the game is hinting at is there are now 6 Sunface Fragments to be collected. If you find all six Sunface Fragments, you will be able to go inside the House once more.

So, where are they? There is one Sunface Fragment in each biome, meaning you need to revisit each area of Returnal to find them. The trouble is, the game's randomly generated maps mean the Sunface Fragments can show up almost anywhere.

Use the strange device inside Helios to move between biomes 1-3 and 4-6 in order to locate the Sunface Fragments in each biome. While we can't tell you precisely where you will find the Sunface Fragments, we can tell you from experience that they aren't too tricky to locate.

We went through the biomes in order, starting in Overgrown Ruins and finishing in Abyssal Scar. All you have to do is search each map thoroughly. That means you should open every optional side room and fully explore every area. From our experience, once the game sends you on this Sunface Fragment quest, it seems to spawn the collectables in every instance of the map until you find them. In other words, they are guaranteed to be on the map somewhere. Again, you just need to be thorough and look in every room.

The Sunface Fragments in our play-through tended to be located in areas reachable with the blue orbs you shoot to reveal hidden platforms.

Once you've found all six Sunface Fragments, you can see the full piece back together in the Databank:

Returnal Sunface Fragment Databank

With all the Sunface Fragments obtained, head back to either Overgrown Ruins or Echoing Ruins, and the House should be accessible. After playing the final House sequence, you will obtain the Car Keys:

Returnal Car Keys

Have you managed to find all the Sunface Fragments in Returnal? Tell us in the comments section below, and check out our Returnal guide for lots more information on the game.