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How do you play the Tower of Sisyphus mode in Returnal? What is the Tower of Sisyphus and how do you reach it? The Tower of Sisyphus is an alternative mode you can play in Returnal, offering you a more arcade-like challenge than the main game. As part of our Returnal guide, we're going to explain everything you need to know about the Tower of Sisyphus.

Returnal: How to Play the Tower of Sisyphus Endless Mode

Below, we're going to explain what the Tower of Sisyphus is and how you can start playing this mode.

What Is the Tower of Sisyphus?

In Returnal, the Tower of Sisyphus is an endless mode. What this means is that you will be climbing the titular tower and will come up against increasingly challenging waves of enemies, as well as a boss fight at certain stages. The challenge is to climb as high as you can, scoring as many points as possible before the difficulty is too great and you're defeated.

In addition to this challenge, the Tower of Sisyphus offers some extra story content to discover.

Where Is the Tower of Sisyphus?

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From the crash site, the Tower of Sisyphus is located to the right-hand side. It is only accessible after you have unlocked the Icarian Grapnel, which is a permanent upgrade that lets you grapple to specific points. Before you have found this in the main game, you will not be able to play Tower of Sisyphus.

How to Get to the Tower of Sisyphus

Once you have the Icarian Grapnel, use it to reach the door to the Tower of Sisyphus. Through the door, you'll find the Sisyphean Translocator, which will teleport you to the Tower where you can begin the challenge.

The first room you come to is a safe room with no enemies. In order to start the Tower of Sisyphus proper, you need to activate the Sisyphean Elevator. This will send you to the first challenge room.

How to Get Back to the Crash Site and Main Game

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When you die in the Tower of Sisyphus, you won't return to the crash site as usual. Instead, Selene will wake up in the safe room at the bottom of the tower. If you wish to return to the main game rather than try the Tower of Sisyphus again, simply approach the above-pictured contraption and press Triangle. You'll return to the crash site.

How to Reach the Hospital in Tower of Sisyphus

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Within the Tower of Sisyphus, you will at certain points be able to explore the Hospital, a familiar location to Selene that's similar to the House sequences from the main game. When a new Hospital sequence is available, a hospital bed will appear to the left in the safe room.

Can You Play Tower of Sisyphus in Co-Op?

No, you cannot play the Tower of Sisyphus mode in online co-op. However, the main game can be enjoyed with a co-op partner. For more information about co-op, see our guide: Returnal: How to Play Online Co-Op.

Are There New Trophies for Tower of Sisyphus?

Yes, there are 7 extra Trophies for Tower of Sisyphus. For more information, see our guide: Returnal: All Trophies and How to Get the Platinum.


Disgorgers are a new type of weapon in the Tower of Sisyphus. Unlike regular weapons, Disgorgers are consumables that temporarily replace your primary weapon. While active, Disgorgers are extremely powerful. There are multiple types of Disgorger that will make themselves known as you continue playing Tower of Sisyphus mode.

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