How do you Destroy the Blue Medallions 6 in Resident Evil 4? This objective is a Blue Request Note that takes place along the Cliffside Ruins on the Island. As part of our Resident Evil 4 Remake guide, we're going to reveal how to Destroy the Blue Medallions 6.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Destroy the Blue Medallions 6

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Destroy the Blue Medallions 6 1
Image: Push Square

I want every single blue medallion in these ruins smashed to pieces! Even this piece-of-shit island would look better without them hanging around.

Request Area Reward
Destroy all the blue medallions Cliffside Ruins Spinel x5

There are 5 Blue Medallions to destroy along the Cliffside Ruins. For the final time, you'll need to shoot them to have each one register towards the quest. This Blue Request Note can be found at the end of the main path the Cliffside Ruins run along. Below you'll find out How to Destroy the Blue Medallions 6, with descriptions and images to help you locate all five of them. Go to the Merchant to collect your Reward afterwards.

Blue Medallion #1

Return to the main area in the Cliffside Ruins and head towards the ladder that takes you to the level below. Instead of going down, though, head to the lefthand side of the ladder and you'll spot the first Blue Medallion just beyond you on the right.

Blue Medallion #2

From Blue Medallion #1, go down the ladder and follow the path until you reach a more open area. Look up and you'll see the next Blue Medallion.

Blue Medallion #3

On the same level as Blue Medallion #2, look out to sea on your right and you'll notice Blue Medallion #3 tied to a rock.

Blue Medallion #4

Along the path that led to where you picked up this Blue Request Note is some scaffolding on your left. Look just above the light to spot this Blue Medallion.

Blue Medallion #5

From where you picked up the Blue Request Note, look up into the tower of the building in front of you. Poking through a window, you should see the last Blue Medallion. You'll probably need to use a rifle like the Stingray to get an accurate shot on it.

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