How do you complete Jewel Thief in Resident Evil 4? This objective is a Blue Request Note that takes place in the Courtyard in the Castle. As part of our Resident Evil 4 Remake guide, we're going to reveal how to complete Jewel Thief.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Complete Jewel Thief

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Complete Jewel Thief 1
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Someone help me recover a stolen jewel snatched by a thieving crow! I bet it can be found in the vile thing's nest. It is an heirloom of our family and cannot become some bird's plaything.

Request Area Reward
Sell a Scratched Emerald Courtyard Spinel x3

This Blue Request Note requires you to find and sell a Scratched Emerald to the Merchant. You'll find the Blue Request Note next to the elevator that takes you to the Clock Tower right alongside another Blue Request Note called The Disgrace of the Salazar Family. Below you'll find out How to Complete Jewel Thief, with descriptions and images to help you find the location of a Scratched Emerald. Afterwards, return to the Merchant to get your Reward.

Scratched Emerald Location

In order to find a Scratched Emerald, head back to the Courtyard in the Castle. It's been repopulated with enemies, so you may have to kill a few of them before you start exploring. You can get there by going west out of the Ballroom and then retracing your steps through the Grand Hall.

Once you're out in the open, you'll immediately notice a crow perched above you. Scare it by approaching it and it'll retreat to its nest. Leave the Courtyard by its western exit right in front of you and then hang a right as if you were going to the Merchant. You should now notice the crow sat in its next on the level above — look out for the yellow paint if not. Shoot the nest and the Scratched Emerald will fall out and you'll be able to pick it up. Sell it to the Merchant to complete the Blue Request Note.

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