How do you complete Insect Hive in Resident Evil 4? This objective is a Blue Request Note that takes place in the Hive underneath the Castle. As part of our Resident Evil 4 Remake guide, we're going to reveal how to complete Insect Hive.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Complete Insect Hive

Resident Evil 4 Remake: How to Complete Insect Hive 1
Image: Push Square

Too many have lost their lives to the never-ending swarms of insects. It is a plague! Please destroy the entrances in their gigantic hive and save us from further tragedy!

Request Area Reward
Destroy all the entrances to the hive Hive Spinel x4

There are 4 Hive Entrances to destroy in the Hive. This Blue Request Note is found in the Hive along the main path after you climb down from the path to the elevator, which was destroyed. You're in the right place if two Novistadors (flying insect-like enemies) start attacking you. Below you'll find out How to Complete Insect Hive, with descriptions and images to help you find all the Hive Entrances. Afterwards, return to the Merchant to get your Reward.

To find a Hive Entrance, you need to look at the Hive itself in the centre of the area. In some places, it'll have a fleshy texture that pulsates a little with a big, yellow spot in the centre. This is what you need to shoot in order to destroy the Hive Entrances.

Hive Entrance #1

From where you pick up the Blue Request Note, simply head to the edge to your left and look up. Shoot the yellow spot to destroy this Hive Entrance.

Hive Entrance #2

In the northern area of the Hive where piles of rocks stand in your path, look up to spot the next Hive Entrance.

Hive Entrance #3

From the position of Hive Entrance #2, move a tiny bit to the right towards the breakable barrel and you'll spot Hive Entrance #3.

Hive Entrance #4

After passing through the mine tunnels, you'll be on the western side of the Hive. From the exit, simply look up and you'll spot the last Hive Entrance.

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