Jill in Resident Evil 3 remake

How do you restore power to the elevator in Resident Evil 3? How do you get the vaccine in Resident Evil 3? We'll find out in part nine of our Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough for PS4 along with all the Fuse locations, where to find the Flash Drive and Culture Sample and finally completing the Vaccine Base Temperature Solution.

How To Restore Elevator Power

Starting off in the Office save room, make sure to grab the Hip Pouch next to the Typewriter for two bonus inventory slots (see also: All Hip Pouch Locations). Exit the room, drop down the open ledge in front of you and head towards the elevator.

The power is quickly cut, leaving you to find three different Fuses within the gigantic factory room.

Find The First Fuse

Interact with the only console in this area to bring the lift down, and then get on it while avoiding the Pale Head stalking you. Use the console on the machine itself to head back up and you'll be right in front of the first Fuse.

Grab it, as well as the Green Herb (see also: All Herb Combinations and Their Effects) and Shotgun Shells to your right, and then climb down the ladder to the left of the Fuse box. The next Fuse box will be to your left once you reach the ground floor, but your path will suddenly be blocked off by a falling bridge.

Proceed through the underground facility

Watch out for the zombie dogs which then spawn and follow the path around until you come across what appears to be a dead end. You'll be in the right spot when you come across a zombie stood on its own.

Look at the shelving on your left and Jill will spot a narrow gap she can squeeze through. Do so, go up the two flights of stairs, and enter the first door you come across.

Find The Second Fuse

In here will be multiple zombies so try and take them all out with an explosion from your Grenade Launcher. The door with the lock on it leads back to the save room while the one next to it is what leads us to the next Fuse. Head through, climb down the ladder, and grab the next Fuse.

Just beware of the Hunter which will drop down and try to surprise you. From here, head back to where you climbed the two flights of stairs and take the other path available, crossing over lifts which have already been raised.

Interact with the second console you come across to raise a lift, use it cross to your left and take the ladder downstairs.

Find The Third Fuse

The next Fuse is right in front of you, but a lot of zombies and a Hunter Gamma will burst out of the pods nearby when you do.

Jill can't believe you've made it this far, well done!

Make sure you're prepared for that when it happens. With all of the Fuses now in your inventory, take them all back to the elevator you were originally going to use, inserting them into the box.

Take the elevator up but before you interact with the center screen, head behind the console to find an Extended Barrel for the MAG.

Flash Drive Location

Follow Tyrell until you come to a cutscene. Once you've regained control of Jill, head towards the end of the corridor to find a save room with High-Grade Gunpowder and a Green Herb inside.

Exit once you're ready and head up the stairs to find a Laboratory inside the door at the end of the hallway. Interact with the huge console ahead and Jill will realise that she needs to make the Vaccine herself. Turn right next and grab the Flash Drive from the green console.

Take this back downstairs and use it on the locked door with the red monitor beside it. In here will be a lot of Pale Heads. You can't kill them, so just aim for the legs to put them temporarily down on the ground. Before going upstairs, pass through the room to the door in the back.

You'll find Acid Rounds and Gunpowder (see also: All Ammo Crafting Combinations) in here, while downstairs there's a First Aid Spray. When you're ready, push the red machine back into its socket. Don't go through there just yet, however.

Jill must find the vaccine to end all this

Where to find Culture Sample

Double back to the Pale Head room and go up the stairs to find a new room with which will give you the Culture Sample as well as Handgun Ammo and Gunpowder. This is what will help form the Vaccine so it's a very important item. Now, head back all the way downstairs to the room where we just activated the door.

Vaccine Base Temperature Solution

Head through the lab containing test tubes of Hunters and other things and use the elevator to go up. Follow the path around, staying wary of the multiple enemies which are about to appear, and grab the Liquid-filled Test Tube from the green drawer.

Combine this with the Culture Sample in your inventory and you'll have the Vaccine Base. Take this back to the Vaccine Equipment, but beware of the numerous Hunters which are about to break out of their tanks on the level below.

You've got quite the fight coming up as well as a tricky trip back through the Pale Head room.

Once you reach the Vaccine Equipment upstairs, insert the Vaccine Base. You'll now need to adjust the temperature of each chamber. The sequence you're looking for, from left to right, is Mid, High, Low. You'll get the Vaccine for your troubles.

That brings us to the end of part nine of our Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough, to continue from here you need part ten: Escape the Facility, Defeat Nemesis (Final Encounter), Take Back The Vaccine.