How long is Resident Evil 3? How many hours does it take to beat Resident Evil 3? What difficulty modes are there in Resident Evil 3? Let's find out as part of our Resident Evil 3 Walkthrough.

Resident Evil games are always known to be fairly short experiences that make amends for with bonus modes and various difficulty modes to truly test yourself with. Resident Evil 3 is no different, so here's how long the game is.

How Long Is Resident Evil 3?

How Long Is Resident Evil 3 Remake?

If you're playing on the standard difficulty setting, fully exploring every area, and backtracking for items you might have missed, Resident Evil 3 will take around six hours to beat.

If you skip on items and play on the Assisted difficulty level, however, your playthrough could be much shorter. The opposite can be said of harder difficulties, where you're likely to extend your play time through deaths and having to repeat sections of the game.

Once you've completed the game you'll get access to a shop full of unlockables, find out more in our All Shop Unlocks guide.

How Many Difficulty Levels Does Resident Evil 3 Have?

Resident Evil 3 has five difficulty levels, those being:

  • Assisted
  • Standard
  • Hardcore
  • Nightmare
  • Inferno

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How long did it take for you to beat the game on your first playthrough? Escape Raccoon City and let us know in the comments below.