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Why is your DualSense PS5 controller not charging in rest mode? How can you keep your PS5 controller charged? In some cases, your PlayStation 5 might not be charging up your DualSense controller properly in rest mode. As part of our PS5 guide, we'll go over what's happening in these instances, and explain some alternative ways to get your controller charged.

PS5 Controller Not Charging During Rest Mode

Although this isn't affecting everyone, there are a number of PS5 owners who are struggling to charge their DualSense controllers using the console in rest mode. The issue seems to only relate to the front USB Type-A port (the larger one) on the PS5. If you plug in your PS5 controller with the included USB cable to the front USB Type-A port, you may find it doesn't charge your controller during rest mode. You'll know if you have this issue because the light bar on the controller won't be glowing orange.

How Can You Fix the PS5 Controller Charging Issue?

PS5 PlayStation 5 DualSense Not Charging Guide 2

Update: Sony has now released PS5 firmware update 20.02-02.26.00. While it doesn't say so, this system software patch fixes this issue. We've tested the faulty front USB port since installing this firmware update, and in our case, it now successfully charges the DualSense. Therefore, we'd strongly advise that you install the latest PS5 system software update and you should no longer have this problem.

If you are using an earlier version of PS5's firmware, there are a few things you can try to ensure your DualSense PS5 controller charges properly. The first step is to check your PS5's power saving settings. Go to Settings > System > Power Saving, then go into Features Available in Rest Mode. Go into Supply Power to USB Ports and ensure either 'Always' or '3 Hours' is selected.

If your PS5 controller still won't charge via the front USB port in rest mode, try using one of the console's rear USB ports, located on the back of the unit next to the other sockets. From our own testing, this solves the problem.

PlayStation itself has acknowledged the issue on its website, and makes some more suggestions:

  • Try using a different Type-A to Type-C USB cable. You'll need to make sure it's capable of "charge and sync" or "charging and data" rather than charging only.
  • Try a Type-C to Type-C USB cable. Using a cable like this, you'll plug your controller into your PS5 via the smaller USB port on the front of the console.
  • Try using a standalone charger that's USB standard compliant.

Alternatively, you could purchase an official DualSense Charging Station. This accessory allows you to store and charge up to two PS5 controllers, and doesn't require that you plug it into the PS5 itself.

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