What's the best affiliation to join in NBA 2K24? 2K Sports' basketball sim this year pairs down the number of joinable affiliations from four to two, but each option comes with massive gameplay boosts that will complement your build. As part of our NBA 2K24 guide, we're going to explain the best affiliation to join.

What's the Best Affiliation to Join in NBA 2K24?

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There are two affiliations to join in NBA 2K24: RISE and ELITE. In order to join either, you'll need to meet with both Chris Manning and ShakeDown in the City. They'll tell you a little about the two affiliations, and what unique advantages they offer on the court.

What's the Difference Between RISE and ELITE?

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Depending upon which Affiliation you ultimately decide to join in NBA 2K24, you'll unlock unique buffs to your build which will enhance your performance in the City. It should be noted that these advantages are specific to the City, and will not transfer to other modes, like single player NBA games and The Rec. The difference between the two Affiliations is as follows:


Brand New Heat Check Gameplay Boost
Get rewarded for your hot hand from the perimeter after knocking down some outside shots. An even hotter hand results...
Finishing Boost
Earn a permanent boost to your Finishing attributes. You'll be rising above the defence in no time.
Playmaking Boost
Earn a permanent boost to your Playmaking attributes. Your bag has never been so deep.


Brand New Two-Way Tenacity Gameplay Boost
Make a big play on one end of the floor and earn yourself a boost for the next possession, going the other way. The ultimate two-way player.
Defense Boost
Earn a permanent boost to your Defensive attributes. DPOY here you come.
Shooting Boost
Earn a permanent boost to your Shooting attributes. Greens by any means.

Should You Choose RISE or ELITE?

As with most things in NBA 2K24, the Affiliation you choose will largely depend upon your build. If you select RISE, then you're probably going to want decent perimeter shooting attributes to start with, because you're going to need to be able to drain plenty of buckets in order to unlock the Heat Check gameplay boost. The Finishing boost will benefit builds with strong dunking and layup abilities, and also the Playmaking boost can come in handy if you're a team player.

However, overall we'd recommend ELITE as the stronger of the two options. If you already have good Defensive attributes then they're going to get a significant boost from the Affiliation, and it's worth noting that making a good play on defence is going to buff your player on offence and vice versa with the Two-Way Tenacity perk. Factor in the Shooting attribute boosts, and it's inarguably the better of the two options — but it does depend very much on your build and personal playstyle.

Do keep in mind that whichever Affiliation you ultimately decide to choose, you'll need to complete the Affilitation's respective quest in order to become a fully-fledged member. You can find these quests in your Quest log after speaking with both Chris Manning and ShakeDown near the beach.

What do you think is the best affiliation to join in NBA 2K24? Pick between RISE or ELITE in the comments section, and check out our NBA 2K24 guide for more information.