MultiVersus Tom & Jerry All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 1

Tom & Jerry is one of the playable characters in MultiVersus, the free-to-play platform fighter from Warner Bros. Games. This duo has been doing battle against each other for decades, and the pair inadvertently work together to get the best of their enemies. As part of our MultiVersus guide, we will be outlining all you need to know about Tom & Jerry in the game. We'll introduce all unlockables, perks, moves, and how to win.

MultiVersus: Tom & Jerry - All Unlockables, Perks, Moves, and How to Win

Below is everything you need to know about Tom & Jerry in MultiVersus.

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Tom & Jerry: Biography and Overview

Before we begin to learn about all unlockables, moves, and how to win with Tom & Jerry, we should get to know a little more about the characters courtesy of their official biography and overview.

MultiVersus Tom & Jerry All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4
Name First Appearance Character Class Voiced By
Tom & Jerry "Puss Gets the Boot" (1940) Mage Eric Bauza, William Hanna

Tom & Jerry is one of the cartoon world's most iconic double acts. Airing around the same time as the Looney Tunes, this cat and mouse duo is similarly revered for their hilarious antics. Their scenario changes, but the dynamic rarely does — Tom is a cat desperate to capture Jerry, a pesky, intelligent mouse. They occasionally work together, but are mostly at each other's throats, each of them willing to try anything to dispatch the other, leading to countless brilliant slapstick exchanges.

The cartoons have gone through many iterations throughout the years, and the pair has even starred in several films, including 2021's simply titled Tom & Jerry, a mix of live action and animation.

Tom & Jerry: All Costumes and Unlockables

MultiVersus Tom & Jerry All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 3

Below, we've listed all the cosmetic items you can unlock related to Tom & Jerry in MultiVersus.

Item Name Description Cost / How to Unlock
Detectives Tom & Jerry Variant Complete Season 1 Battle Pass Tier 42 (Premium)
Profile Icon
Reach Mastery Level 14
Tom & Jerry Badge
Reach Mastery Level 15
Hurt Toe Emote - Taunt
350 Gleamium
Pirates Tom & Jerry
500 Gleamium
Spike's Bite
Ringout VFX
1200 Gleamium

Tom & Jerry: All Perks

MultiVersus Tom & Jerry All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 4

In this section of the guide, we're revealing a list of all Perks for Tom & Jerry. These can be unlocked with XP as part of Tom & Jerry's Mastery track. Remember that unlocking a character's Perks will make it cheaper to purchase them as Train Perks on another character, with the exception of Signature Perks which are exclusive to the character they're unlocked for.

Offense Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock
Make It Rain, Dog!
Your team receives 20% increased projectile speed
Reach Mastery Level 2
That's Flammable, Doc!
For 3 seconds after knocking back an enemy with a Projectile, your team can melee attack that enemy to ignite them for 1 second
Reach Mastery Level 4
Shirt Cannon Sniper Your team's Projectiles deal 7% increased damage to far away victims Reach Mastery Level 7
Slippery When Feint Your team receives 10% increased dodge distance when dodging out of an attack hit cancel Reach Mastery Level 12

Defense Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock
School Me Once...
Your team receives a Projectile block buff for 2 seconds after being knocked back by a Projectile
Reach Mastery Level 13

Utility Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock

I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge

Your team receives a 10% ability cooldown refund after dodging an attack
Reach Mastery Level 11

Signature Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock
Dynamite Split
Reflecting Tom's dynamite with his tennis racket will split it into 3 dynamite sticks Reach Mastery Level 8
Fly Fisher
Tom's fishing pole is weaker, but if he hits the ground or a wall with it, he will pull himself to the terrain
Reach Mastery Level 10

Tom & Jerry: All Moves and How to Win

MultiVersus Tom & Jerry All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 5

If you want to play as Tom & Jerry in MultiVersus, this section will go over their moves and offer some advice on how to use them effectively. Inputs shown are using default controls.


Move Name

Tom charges a swing with a tennis racket that can reflect

Neutral Square

Mallet Time

A combo of swings with a large mallet

Side Square


Charge an attack where Tom uses a paddle ball above his head. The longer you charge, the more bounces the paddle ball makes. You can move side to side during the attack Up Square
Feline Pounce
Charge a pounce attack forward that breaks Armor. Charging increases the distance of the pounce
Down Square
Scratch Cat
Two fast swipes forward
Air Side Square
Trash Can Band

Tom slams trash can lids above his head. The hit is strongest where the lids collide

Air Up Square
Cast-Iron Crusher
Tom swings his frying pan downward
Air Down Square


Move Name
Slingshot Sharpshooter

Tom aims and fires Jerry as a Projectile. If Jerry is away, Tom will shoot a tennis ball Projectile towards Jerry. Tennis balls gain power if reflected by Tom's tennis racket. Tom can fire multiple tennis balls until out of ammo Neutral Triangle
Goin' Fishin

Tom will cast forward with a fishing pole. The fishing lure Projectile will stay out until you release the input or the lure hits an enemy while traveling. The lure hits enemies when reeled in. The lure has a sweetspot after it's been out for a while Side Triangle
Rocket Mouse

Tom straps Jerry to a rocket Projectile. The rocket can be steered. If Jerry is not with Tom, then Tom launches a rocket that locks onto Jerry. Cooldown applies Up Triangle
Snap Trap

Tom will place a mouse trap Projectile on the ground. Cooldown applies Down Triangle
Look Out Below!
Tom drops a stick of dynamite Projectile that will explode on its second bounce or if it hits an enemy. The dynamite gains power if reflected by Tom's tennis racket. Tom can drop multiple sticks until out of ammo Air Down Triangle

Passive Abilities

Cheesy Does It: If one of Tom's allies picks up Jerry, they will become Strengthened, increasing the damage they deal, and briefly Hastened, increasing their speed.

While separated, if Tom uses his Grounded Neutral Normal, Jerry will shoot a cork towards Tom. Any other Normal attack will have Jerry shoot a cork in the direction Tom is facing. Jerry can fire multiple corks until out of ammo and they will refresh when he is picked up.

How to Win as Tom & Jerry

Tom & Jerry act as one, Mage class character, with plenty of Projectiles in their moveset as well as one completely unique ability: splitting up. This is one of the game's more complex fighters, though you can get by pretty handily with most of their regular moves.

The Neutral Special move sees Tom fire Jerry away as a Projectile. Wherever he lands, he'll start firing corks that can damage enemies, and the direction depends on what attacks you then perform as Tom. Having Tom and Jerry separated has other benefits; if an ally picks Jerry up, they will get a buff to their damage output and a slight increase in speed. To bring Tom and Jerry back together, simply approach Jerry with Tom.

Tom's most useful move is his Neutral Attack, which sees him charge up a tennis racquet swing. This is good for several reasons. Firstly, it deals decent damage on its own. Secondly, it can reflect Projectiles, meaning you can send them back towards opponents. Thirdly, it can be used to power up some of Tom & Jerry's other attacks.

For example, your Air Down Special drops a stick of dynamite. If you then hit it with Tom's racquet, it will fly forward and will be more powerful. Similarly, using the Neutral Special while Jerry's away will see Tom send out tennis balls. If you then strike these with the racquet, they will gain power. It's worth remembering these things and using them to your advantage.

The Up Special sends out a controllable rocket. It's slow moving, but deals great knockback, and can easily catch people off guard. Another move worth remembering is the Down Special, in which Tom lays down a mouse trap. You might as well have this down whenever you can, because in the chaos of a 2v2 brawl, an enemy will likely run into it by mistake.

Oh, and just a quick note: Jerry can fall from the arena without incurring a ringout. It's only when Tom leaves the stage that the duo is knocked out.

So, that's everything there is to know about Tom & Jerry in MultiVersus. Will you be playing as the cat and mouse rivals in MultiVersus? Share your own tips and advice in the comments section below, and check out our MultiVersus guide for much more. And, for more on other MultiVersus characters, refer to the following pages: