MultiVersus Rick All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 1
Image: Push Square

Rick is one of the playable characters in MultiVersus, the free-to-play platform fighter from Warner Bros. Games. An alcoholic, self-centred genius, this belching inventor has seen everything in his interdimensional travels, so appearing in a video game won't phase him. As part of our MultiVersus guide, we will be outlining all you need to know about Rick in the game. We'll introduce all unlockables, perks, moves, and how to win.

MultiVersus: Rick - All Unlockables, Perks, Moves, and How to Win

Below is everything you need to know about Rick in MultiVersus.

Rick: Biography and Overview

Before we begin to learn about all unlockables, moves, and how to win with Rick, we should get to know a little more about the character courtesy of his official biography and overview.

MultiVersus Rick All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 2
Name First Appearance Character Class Voiced By

Rick Sanchez

Rick and Morty "Pilot" (2013)


Justin Roiland

Rick is a brilliant inventor and scientist, albeit a selfish one. The character travels through dimensions, time, and space alongside his grandson Morty, and the duo get themselves in all sorts of hilarious, horrifying situations. The Adult Swim TV show exploded in popularity from the very start thanks to the ad-libbed nonsense of most of the dialogue, and Rick has been a beloved character ever since. In this game, most of the character's moveset is based on his various gadgets and gizmos seen during the series.

Rick: All Costumes and Unlockables

MultiVersus Rick All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 3

Below, we've listed all the cosmetic items you can unlock related to Rick in MultiVersus.

Item Name Description
Cost / How to Unlock
20 Minutes Adventure
Profile Icon
Complete Season 1 Battle Pass Tier 1 (Free)
Sun Scream

Ringout VFX

Complete Season 1 Battle Pass Tier 7 (Premium)
Mushroom Explosion
Ringout VFX
Complete Season 1 Battle Pass Tier 39 (Premium)

I'm Pickle Rick! Profile Icon Complete Season 1 Battle Pass Tier 41 (Free)
Rick C-137
Profile Icon
Reach Mastery Level 14
Reach Mastery Level 15

Get Schwifty

Emote - Taunt
350 Gleamium
SEAL Team Rick
800 Gleamium

Rick: All Perks

MultiVersus Rick All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 4

In this section of the guide, we're revealing a list of all Perks for Rick. These can be unlocked with XP as part of Rick's Mastery track. Remember that unlocking a character's Perks will make it cheaper to purchase them as Train Perks on another character, with the exception of Signature Perks which are exclusive to the character they're unlocked for.

Offense Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock
Painted Target
Your team deals 5% increased damage when hitting enemies that are in hitstun Reach Mastery Level 7
Armor Crush
Your team's fully charged attacks break armor Reach Mastery Level 11

Defense Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock
Clear the Air

Your team destroys non-heavy enemy projectiles after successfully neutral dodging the projectile

Reach Mastery Level 13

Utility Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock
Your team receives 10% reduced ability cooldown duration
Reach Mastery Level 2
Gravity Manipulation
Your team receives 10% increased fast fall speed Reach Mastery Level 4

Signature Perks

Perk Name
How to Unlock
Squanchin' Pyrotechnics

Rick's portal has a longer cooldown, but allies that pass through a portal ignite enemies with their next melee attack. Allied projectiles that pass through a portal also ignite enemies. Enemies that pass through a portal are ignited

Reach Mastery Level 8
Hephaestus, Who?
When Rick fully charges his whip attack, the final hit will spike enemies down towards Rick Reach Mastery Level 10

Bit of a Stickler Meeseeks

Rick's Meeseeks deal double damage to fighters that are already in hitstun Reach Mastery Level 12

Rick: All Moves and How to Win

MultiVersus Rick All Unlockables Moves How to Win Guide PS5 PS4 5

If you want to play as Rick in MultiVersus, this section will go over his moves and offer some advice on how to use him effectively. Inputs shown are using default controls.


Move Name

Itchy Ricker Finger

Rick charges a weak but fast laser projectile from his blaster. At full charge the shot moves slowly, but deals knockback

Neutral Square

You Like Augments?

Rick combos enemies with plasma sword slashes and a kick, ending with a rocket projectile from his arm cannon

Side Square

Plasma Whip, Baby!

Rick charges an upward swing with his plasma whip

Up Square
Yeah, Fart Bomb!
Rick throws a fart bomb in front of him, hitting enemies upward. Cooldown applies Down Square
Shooting Guns in the Air!

Same as ground

Air Neutral Square
Personal Space

Rick charges a blast from his belt forcefield

Air Side Square
Shove It Waaay Up There

Rick charges and shoves the Mega Seed upward. Hitting allies with the Mega Seed will grant them an Educated buff that reduces cooldown duration. Enemies receive a Silenced debuff, stopping them from using cooldown abilities. On cooldown, Rick instead pokes up

Air Up Square
Collatrickal Damage
Rick sends a blast downward with his rocket boots, dealing an Ignite debuff Air Down Square


Move Name
Meeseek and Destroy
Rick summons a Meeseeks projectile that runs forward. Press up input after summoning the Meeseeks to have him uppercut instead. Down input will make the Meeseeks ready a golf club swing. Golf club Meeseeks will swing when an enemy gets near him or if a projectile gets close, reflecting it Neutral Triangle
Basrick Portal Theory

Rick aims then summons a portal, and can summon a max of two. Allied projectiles teleport between portals if there are two available. Fighters can also teleport through portals, but portals can only teleport one fighter before shrinking and becoming restricted to projectiles. Rick will immediately teleport after summoning a second portal. If there is only one portal, teleporting through it will bring the fighter to a new portal next to Rick. Allies can press dodge to teleport through a portal. Fighters will get teleported if they are knocked back into a portal. While on cooldown, Rick instead shoots forward on his rocket skiis Side Triangle
Jetpack. NBD.

Rick charges then launches upwards using his jetpack

Up Triangle
Polymorphrick Ray

Rick fires a polymorph projectile that detonates after a short duration. Allies receive a Morphized buff that increases their size, damage deals and the size of their projectiles. Enemies receive a Polymorph debuff that turns them into a tiny Reindog. Polymorphed enemies are unable to attack and receive increased damage. Cooldown applies Down Triangle
Meeseeks, Up Here! Rick summons a Meeseeks to help keep him in the air. The Meeseek will flap a few times before disappearing Air Neutral Triangle
Aerial Portal Stunts

Similar to ground, but if Rick has not already summoned a portal, he will summon two. One will be at the location he is aiming and the other will be next to him
Air Side Triangle
Goin' Even Higher!
Same as ground
Air Up Triangle
Freefall Polymorpher
Same as ground
Air Down Triangle

How to Win as Rick

As a Mage class fighter, Rick makes use of various weapons and gadgets, laying traps and setups from afar rather than relying on melee attacks. He does have some melee options, but his strength is in his wider moveset.

The blaster provides some solid chip damage and his basic three-hit combo is slow but works for when enemies get close. The fart bomb actually has a lot of kill potential, launching enemies up with quite a lot of force. His Up attack, the whip, hits in front as well as up, so you can use it against a very close range enemy as well as for anti-air.

The portal system is a little complex, but they can be a huge benefit to your team. You and an ally can pass through the portals to get out of a sticky situation, and you can also throw/fire projectiles through them to catch enemies off-guard. As many of Rick's moves use projectiles, you can get pretty crazy combining the portals with his other stuff.

Sending out Meeseeks is very handy just to fill up the arena with more obstacles for your opponents, plus they have good knockback. As they count as projectiles, they can also pass through the portals. Playing as Rick is mostly about combining his abilities like the above example to cause chaos and support your teammate.

So, that's everything there is to know about Rick in MultiVersus. Will you be playing as this belching sociopath in MultiVersus? Share your own tips and advice in the comments section below, and check out our MultiVersus guide for much more. And, for more on other MultiVersus characters, refer to the following pages: