Trouble with Harry is the 28th Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and sees Peter try and track down Harry — or, rather, Venom. This Mission is exclusive to Peter. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we are going to reveal everything you need to know about Trouble with Harry.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Trouble with Harry

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Trouble with Harry Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story The Symbiote is evolving — it's too powerful for Harry to fight against. I need to find him and figure out how to get that thing off him. 2,500 XP


Following the events of Don't Be Scared, Venom is now on the loose in the city. As Peter, he decides to try and track the beast — also known as Harry — via his work badge. Press Triangle to tap into the Oscorp Network and you'll pick up a signal just to the right of you. It's moving quickly, though, so with your Web Wings deployed, head for the orange bursts of signals in the open world. If you're struggling to locate them, the Map in the bottom-right corner also has an objective marker leading you to them. When the signal stops, pinpoint it using R3.

In the overpass, you'll find Harry's badge and a passage through to what looks like Harry. Except, it's not him. This is a new enemy type called Symbiotes that's much stronger than any of the regular enemies you've faced before. A pack of roughly 8-10 will descend on your position, so play the fight safely and rely on your Skills to deal damage.

After the encounter, you'll switch to playing as Miles, who's on his way to the shipyard to try and recreate the sounds of a bell to weaken Venom. When you get there, scan the bell on the ship and the roof of the hanger. Then, get on the boat and charge its generator to create the sound you need. Some more Symbiotes then appear, which need taking down.

You can then return to creating the sound that'll stun Harry. For the second half, scan the container attached to the crane in the middle of the area. Then, get up high and Pull the magnet holding the container up to drop it and record the sound.

The final piece of the sound puzzle is a recording of some helicopter rotor blades, so chase down the chopper marked on your map, then press Triangle when prompted. You can then climb to the top of the helicopter and record the sound. More Symbiotes will then show up at the shipyard, and you just need to survive until Peter gets there. When he does, Miles will transfer the sound to Peter, allowing him to perform a Sonic Burst. This stuns Symbiotes for a limited time, letting you get free hits in.

Once they're all downed, Ganke will call letting Peter and Miles know he's trapped on a train. Follow the waypoint marker there and you'll find Venom feeding civilians to its external tentacles — presumably turning them into Symbiotes. When you regain control, defeat more of them and then enter the tunnel to find Ganke and Rio.

Venom has created a nest in the underground tunnel, and it's your job to destroy it by locating weak points. Hold L2 to reveal it's the orange, circular orbs hanging from the ceiling that are the weak points, and you can destroy them using a Sonic Burst. You'll find a much larger one just around the corner, which requires multiple Sonic Bursts.

Peter plants them, and then you'll need to defend them from Symbiotes for two minutes. If the Sonic Burst Integrity reaches 0% then you'll fail the Mission. Your own Sonic Bursts can still be used for this section while the others charge up, and they come in very handy when the enemy density increases as the timer closes in on zero. Miles will then rescue Ganke and Rio in the cutscene that ends the Mission.

Objective Log

  • Locate Harry's work badge
  • Defeat Symbiotes
  • Get to shipyard
  • Collect sonic elements
  • Record helicopter rotor
  • Survive
  • Get to Frederick Douglas Circle
  • Defeat Symbiotes
  • Get to Rio and Ganke
  • Find the centre of the nest
  • Defend Sonic Bursts while they synchronise

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