Together is the 33rd and final Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and sees Peter and Miles bring the story to a close. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we are going to reveal everything you need to know about Together.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Together

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Together Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story I have to remind Harry who he is... before it's too late.

3,000 XP


This is it: the end. Peter and Miles know where the meteorite is, so swing over to Aunt May's house in Astoria to begin. Having formulated a plan, Peter, Miles, and MJ head to Venom's location. Peter lures him out and distracts him away from the scene while Miles beats up the Symbiotes and MJ heads into the hive to take the meteorite. You'll take control of MJ, who has an upgraded stun gun. To open up the passageway, shoot the yellow, pulsing growths on the walls. You'll fall down a hole and into a Symbiote lair, where a nicely placed Sonic Barrel allows you to wipe out a load of enemies at once. Mop up the rest with your stun gun.

Deal with the Symbiotes in the next room, and then approach the meteorite in the centre. Upon taking it, MJ must run for the exit and escape the hive. Shoot the Symbiotes that appear as you're heading for the exit, and go to climb the ladder you find. A Symbiote Behemoth will stop MJ in her tracks, though. You can deal good damage by simply shooting the boss, but try and lure it next to the Sonic Barrels in the arena to take away even more HP. If you get hit by the boss twice in quick succession, MJ will die.

Once it's dead, the game cuts to Peter's perspective. Venom is still tailing him, and he manages to catch up and force you into a four-phase boss encounter. Venom is immune to Web, so don't bother with your R1 attack. Lean into your Anti-Venom Skills, and when the floor becomes covered in the symbiote, you need to swing over to one of the other platforms raised into the sky.

In the second phase, Venom will at first be joined by a legion of Symbiotes. He will be invulnerable, and the only way to damage him is through Anti-Venom Skills. You'll need to land three Skills on him before you can start damaging Venom again. The easiest way to combat the Symbiotes is to cover them in Web. He'll then do the same thing when he's lost roughly 60% of his health in the second phase, amongst performing the same style of attacks.

For the third phase, you'll be playing as Miles, and Venom now has wings. Dodge the projectiles he launches at you, and when you get the chance to Pull (L1 + R1) one of them, do so to damage Venom. You can then perform a Web Strike to get to him quickly in the air and land some punches, kicks, and Skills. Repeat this strategy for a while and Venom will eventually land back on the ground and resort back to the move set he had against Peter.

In the final phase, there'll be Sonic Barrels you can throw at Venom, and on the whole, it'll be a mixture of the past three phases rolled into one. Venom's move set won't change much, but he can start flying again and cover the ground in tendrils that'll damage you.

After the boss fight, Peter will recover and take to the skies and battle Venom some more. Follow the on-screen button prompts to finish Venom off. After the series of cutscenes, the Main Story will be complete. Congratulations! You can return to the open world and complete more Missions, gather the Collectibles, and unlock extra Trophies.

Objective Log

  • Regroup at May's house
  • Grab the meteorite
  • Escape the hive
  • Defeat the Symbiote Behemoth
  • Defeat Venom

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