The Flames Have Been Lit is the 18th Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and sees Peter suit up for an undercover mission at a Hunter party. This Mission is exclusive to Peter. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about The Flames Have Been Lit.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: The Flames Have Been Lit

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: The Flames Have Been Lit Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story Harry saved my life, but now we need Connors to get this suit back onto him. I have to find Kraven and his weird Lizard serum. 2,250 XP


At the start of the Mission, you'll need to head to two different locations in Little Odessa where black smoke can be seen. When you get to each bonfire, you'll find groups of enemies to eliminate. Do so at both locations, inspecting the items at each. At the second location, use the computer to find out the Hunters are importing goods for an event. Go to the docks north of you to continue the investigation.

When you get there, take out more enemies and then destroy the truck with the turret when it arrives. With all the goons down, you're free to help the injured civilian. Given his injuries, take him to the hospital in west Little Odessa. Place him on the stretcher once you get there and he'll tell you the dropoff point: 718 Kent. Swing over there and Peter will learn this is a pretty formal event, but the new Black Suit is on hand to automatically transform into a tuxedo.

As Peter makes his way inside through the kitchen, he's given a dish to deliver to Kraven's bodyguard. Carry the tray through into the corridor and approach the elevator beyond the crowd of people, then take a right to trigger a cutscene in which one Hunter accidentally tranquillizes their buddy. Continue on through the double doors to the room with the maître d' standing at a counter.

After a group of Hunters burst into the room, Peter will decide to give the dish to Kraven's shield bearer. Follow the group into the next room — where people are fighting — and approach the person standing by the fireplace in the back. It turns out Peter got the wrong guy, but we've got a lead on where the real bodyguard might be. Follow the objective marker into the elevator, then approach the double doors upstairs. This is supposed to be Kraven's lounge, and he has a real-life, very much alive tiger in there.

To distract it, Peter decides to grab the big slab of meat he left behind earlier. Cross the room so you're stood on top of the statue, then place a Web Line so you're above the meat. Create a distraction for the guard standing next to the table, then grab the meat when he's not looking. You now need to retrieve the sleeping dart off the Hunter who was tranquilized by their friend earlier in the Mission.

Zip over to that room, and you can take out the guard stood over the body with a Perch Takedown. This will give you a button prompt to reach down and steal the dart. With both items in your inventory, return to Kraven's lounge. Peter's makeshift creation successfully knocks the tiger out cold, allowing him to search the lounge.

In here, you can examine the incense to your immediate left, the potions on the table near the fireplace, the desk in the back-right corner up the stairs, and a book in the back-left corner. Once you've read the note in the desk drawer, you can head for the exit — and pet Dima before you leave. The shield bearer will find Peter before he leaves, throwing him into an enemy encounter with the Hunters. It's at this point you'll learn how to do a Symbiote Surge, which temporarily boosts your attack power. Beat all the enemies, then head for the exit.

Once outside following the cutscene, go to the graveyard in Williamsburg. After the cutscene, you'll need to defeat the Shield Bearers in a boss fight encounter. When the boss slams the ground, your Web and Gadgets will be temporarily disabled. When they flash red as they're about to attack, Parry the boss to open them up for some attacks. If you have a Symiote Surge charged, we recommend using that also — just one use will get rid of nearly all the boss' health. The Shield Bearer will eventually be supported by normal enemies, and then a truck turns up. Once they're all dealt with, enter the church to complete the Mission in a cutscene.

Objective Log

  • Search Little Odessa
  • Investigate bonfires
  • Investigate docks
  • Help the injured man
  • Take injured man to hospital
  • To go 718 Kent
  • Find Kraven's bodyguard
  • Look for the maître d'
  • Serve dish to Kraven's shield bearer
  • Find Kraven's bodyguard
  • Search Kraven's lounge
  • Retrieve the raw meat
  • Steal the sleeping dart
  • Incapacitate Kraven's tiger
  • Search Kraven's lounge
  • Defeat the Hunters
  • Go to the graveyard
  • Defeat the Shield Bearers

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