Set Things Right is the 30th Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and sees Peter meet up with Miles at City Hall. This Mission is exclusive to Peter. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we are going to reveal everything you need to know about Set Things Right.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Set Things Right

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Set Things Right Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story I'd better get to City Hall, Miles seemed worried. Could Harry be there, too? 2,500 XP


Right after the events of This Isn't You, web-head Peter receives a call from Miles asking for his help at City Hall. Swing over to the southern part of the Financial District to begin the Mission. When you get there, it's clear Harry has been putting work into spreading the symbiote's influence across this part of the city, as it's covered in black tentacles. Beat the Symbiotes alongside Miles and make your way up to the roof of the City Hall so you can clear a path for the people trapped inside. Once all the Symbiotes are gone, approach the blocked door.

Follow the on-screen button prompts to open the double doors, but more Symbiotes will come pouring out and shortly overwhelm Peter and Miles. The symbiote will get back inside Peter, and with Mister Negative rescuing Miles, the two decide to enter the alternate dimension to save him.

Inside, follow the demon, swinging from building to building. When you reach the platform, you'll go through a vortex with Mister Negative and end up on the Raft. Swing through the facility until you're ambushed by villains from the first game, and you're thrown into a combat arena with standard enemies. Once you've beaten enough — or enough time has passed — the screen will fade to black and all the enemies disappear. Continue following Mister Negative down the corridor and out into an open area, with Aunt May's house being your destination. Use the Web Wings to get there, then head inside.

Go upstairs and into the back room, then Pull on the symbiote to create a portal to F.E.A.S.T. Go down the corridors, using the walls and ceiling to crawl through the symbiote. When you reach the gymnasium, climb up to where Mister Negative is and he'll attempt to channel all his power into the symbiote to try and destroy it. Meanwhile, you'll need to beat up another pack of Symbiotes. At the start of the fight, Miles will learn the Galvanise ability. Once they're all down, return to Mister Negative and join him in purging the symbiote.

After the cutscene, Miles and Mister Negative will return to the real world and Peter will be healed. Plus, he's got a new suit that comes with Anti-Venom status effects. With a host of Symbiotes surrounding you, begin the fight with a new ability: Anti-Venom Bomb. Use it to defeat the waves of Symbiotes coming at you — along with your other Skills. You'll also learn Anti-Venom Tempest, and then enter a single-phase boss fight against the Symbiote Behemoth. With all your new-found powers, this encounter should prove incredibly easy. The Mission is over in the next cutscene.

Objective Log

  • Meet at City Hall
  • Fight the Symbiotes
  • Clear the roof
  • Unblock the door
  • Find the Symbiote source
  • Survive the ambush
  • Find the Symbiote source
  • Purge the Symbiote
  • Fight!
  • Purge the Symbiote
  • Wipe out the Symbiotes

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