Roll Like We Used To is the fifth Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, picking up after Peter gets the option of changing the Style of his Advanced Suit 2.0. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about Roll Like We Used To.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Roll Like We Used To

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Roll Like We Used To Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story Now that I lost my job, what's next? 2,000 XP


Right after Suit Is Sandy, our protagonist Peter will take a call from MJ, which gives him reason to head over to Astoria. Follow the objective marker to a neighbourhood on its southeastern side for a cutscene that'll automatically play. Peter reveals he lost his job at Brooklyn Visions to MJ, and she comments she may be joining him in unemployment soon. You'll regain control inside the house, with the task of tidying the house handed to you.

You need to inspect the papers in front of the calendar and the boxes on the table to the left, then clean up the rotten fruit in the fruit bowl by putting it in the bin by the back door. Finally, on the kitchen table is a takeaway box to put in the bin as well. With those chores complete, go and see MJ in the back room. She's found some photo albums that belonged to Aunt May, which you can examine.

Peter will pick up a picture which displays him next to a hole in the wall decorated to look like a face, and you're tasked with finding it in the house. It's upstairs in the bedroom at the end of the hallway, behind the pinboard to the right of the computer desk. Interact with it to reveal a touching flashback cutscene with MJ.

Back in the present, head back downstairs to find MJ. A cutscene will play once you get back down revealing Peter's friend Harry is back — he's also the character you saw at the very beginning of the game. After MJ leaves, Peter and Harry go for a bike ride. Simply follow him around the neighborhood as the two pals catch up. You'll ride to Midtown High School, and upon entering, turn back time to a flashback sequence.

You'll be controlling a young Peter in search of the very thumb drive he and Harry were just talking about in the present. When you encounter the janitor, interact with the cleaning cart and push it towards the standee of the American football player. Continue following Harry through the school hallways until a security guard appears in the stairwell. Peter and Harry will split up at this point, leaving you to refill your Web-Shooters as the guard searches for you.

When you're stuck to the ceiling, enter the vent on the right and then the next on your left before dropping into the classroom below. Use the whiteboards to stay hidden, then once the security guard goes down the corridor to the right, make a break for the door that's been left slightly ajar. Perform a Jump to Ceiling to make sure you're not spotted and crawl into the vent.

You'll drop down in the photo lab, which contains a few different things to interact with. Feel free to look at them all, but you'll be refilling your Web-Shooters at the station on the left at the back. The security guard will enter the room at this point, but when he's gone re-enter the vent on the ceiling. Use your Web on the spinning fan to the left to spot it.

Climb through the ventilation system out into a staff room, only to find the security guard once again. Search for distractions using R3, then pop the balloons attached to the table using your Web. This gives you the chance to exit via the door to the left, then Jump to Ceiling and continue using the open vents to move through the school.

When you encounter the janitor again, Pull on the bin to the left of him to cause a distraction. Drop down behind the janitor and Peter and Harry will be reunited in a cutscene, which then cuts back to the present day. In the gymnasium, aim for the basketball hoop to score three times.

The game will then shift back to the past, with Peter and Harry almost at the thumb drive. Go up the stairwell and hide under the tables when the security guard appears in the elevator. To get rid of him, use your Web to pop the balloons in the elevator and then open your locker on the left-hand side.

Doing so shifts the game back to the present and then returns to the past with Peter hiding from the police. He needs to distract the police so he can reclaim the thumb drive from the school guard. You can do this by pulling out the staircase to your immediate left, targeting the camera pointed at the balloon collage in the back-left corner and shooting it with Web, and then shooting the DJ deck to the right. You can then Zip to Ceiling on the central structure in the middle of the room and drop down to take the thumb drive off the guard. The Mission ends in the cutscene that follows.

Objective Log

  • Head to Queens
  • Tidy up the house
  • Meet MJ in the back room
  • Visit the room where the photo was taken
  • Find MJ
  • Follow Harry
  • Get the thumb drive from Peter's locker
  • Distract the janitor
  • Get the thumb drive from Peter's locker
  • Refill Web-Shooters in the photo lab
  • Refill Web-Shooters
  • Rendezvous with Harry
  • Distract the guard
  • Rendezvous with Harry
  • Get to Peter's locker
  • Get thumb drive from Peter's locker
  • Distract the police to get the guard alone
  • Get the thumb drive from the guard

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