New Threads is the 21st Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and sees Peter search the home of Dr. Connors for clues to his whereabouts. This Mission is exclusive to Peter. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about New Threads.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: New Threads

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: New Threads Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story Maybe Connors went home? I should look for him there. 2,250 XP


As Miles tries to track down Martin Li in Wings of My Own, it's all about Peter and his quest to find Dr. Connors in New Threads. He's decided to search his home for clues, so swing over to Astoria to begin the investigation. Entering via the open bedroom window, begin by turning the alarm clock off. You can search the bedroom opposite, then go downstairs to find the place a wreck. Read the papers on top of the filing cabinet, then examine the test tubes by the sink, and finally pick up the picture to the left of the fridge.

The frame will reveal a secret mechanism and a musical code you need to work out. To get the password, return to the living room and search the corner will all the toys to find a child's piano. Press the button in the shape of a house; this is the password. Return to the screen and press the coloured buttons in this sequence: purple, purple, purple, green.

Doing so reveals a secret passage next to Peter leading down to a lab and interact with the TV screen to watch some recent CCTV recordings. Open the door depicted in the video, then approach the hole in the wall to find a blood vial on the floor. Peter will then hear Hunters arriving outside, so deal with them. As you work your way to the streets, more enemies will turn up in trucks.

During the cutscene, the perspective will switch to Miles as he gets an alert on his phone about Martin Li, springing him into action and leaving Hailey behind. Swing up to Harlem and enter the fish market via the roof. Once inside, take down all the Hunters either quietly or loudly. In the cutscene, Ganke will take control of a Talon Drone to provide you with support in the field, but he finds it tough controlling it and you need to go after them. Begin by using Pull on the crank connected to the shutter to reveal a path through the rubble and into the pipe work.

Miles will catch a whiff of The Lizard, but it sends you crashing into another room before you can do anything about it. Using the Scan Environment tool, the closed shutters are all highlighted, meaning you need to Pull the right one up to progress. The Ganke Drone is behind the farmost right shutter, and then you'll find The Lizard's skin behind the shutter on the left, at which point Peter appears. The Lizard then comes crashing up through the floor, and Miles and Peter give chase outside.

As Miles, it's your job to deal with the jet skis and boats, so look out for the Triangle button prompts that appear as you get close. Once you've destroyed the three jet skis and a boat, a gunship will attack a tourist boat, which Miles is left to deal with. Your perspective will then switch to Peter as he chases the gunship. Eventually, a Triangle button prompt allows Peter to go in for the kill, but the gunship's defences stop him.

You'll then switch back to Miles, who's being pulled along the water by the Ganke Drone as The Lizard chases you. Dodge its attacks as it jumps out of the water, using the red alert on-screen as your prompt to dodge. You'll then do the same on land for a few seconds, and then Peter and Miles combine for a quick-time event that destroys the gunship and ends the Mission.

Objective Log

  • Go to Dr. Connors' house
  • Search Dr. Connors' house
  • Solve the piano puzzle
  • Search Dr. Connors' lab
  • Search Dr. Connors' panic room
  • Defeat the Hunters
  • Swing to the fish market
  • Defeat the Hunters
  • Catch up with Ganke Drone
  • Search for The Lizard
  • Defeat the Hunter convoy
  • Stop the gunship

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