Master Illusionist is the 11th Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and brings back Mysterio. This Mission is exclusive to Miles. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about Master Illusionist.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Master Illusionist

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Master Illusionist Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story Ganke learned that Quentin Beck, a.k.a. Mysterio, is going back to his roots as an entertainer with a new attraction at Coney Island, I should check on him and make sure he doesn't become Kraven's next victim. 2,000 XP


Immediately after seeing Black Cat off into the portal to Paris, web-slinger Miles receives a call from Ganke sending him to Coney Island to check on Mysterio as he starts a new day job. It's in the most southeastern area of the map in Downtown Brooklyn. Once there, enter via the roof. You'll regain control of Miles inside Mysterio's attraction; follow the entrance corridor to the terminal in the main room. Miles will enter a sort of alternate reality where he's a DJ, and you'll need to follow the beat of the music by pressing the buttons and moving the thumbsticks as the icon pass over your new HUD.

Eventually, the simulation will break and Miles will encounter Martin Li. Begin by performing the new Thunder Burst move, then beat up the bad guys — you'll need to deal with a few waves of them. Eventually, the objective will switch from one of surviving to escaping. Return to the DJ mixer and finish the song to create an exit you can swing across to. This forces Mysterio to close the attraction for maintenance in the next cutscene, at which point Miles returns to reality and meets Peter and Harry.

The game will now switch to the perspective of Peter, which is actually the start of another Mission in the Main Story called A Second Chance.

Objective Log

  • Go to Coney Island
  • Explore the Mysterium
  • Entertain the audience
  • Survive
  • Escape

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