Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt is the 15th Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and begins when Black Cat gives Peter a call after completing Spider-Spy? This Mission is exclusive to Peter. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story Rescuing a former villain from new villains... yeah, life comes at you fast. 2,000 XP


A while after completing Spider-Spy?, you'll receive a call from Black Cat directing you to the Steele Foundry in eastern Williamsburg. Head on over there to find the place crawling with Hunters. Either quietly or all guns blazing, clear out the enemies patrolling the rooftop. Just remember you're not playing as Miles so you don't have access to Camouflage. Once you've dealt with them all, enter the Steele Foundry via the hatch at the top of the factory.

Once inside, crawl down the shaft and enter the hole to find more Hunters that need dealing with. Once you have, Harry will appear with his own suit and you'll both go loud to take down another set of enemies. When the truck with a flamethrower attached turns up, stick to the sides of the arena and deal with the Hunters first. Then, get to the balcony behind it and Pull the vat of lava onto the truck.

As you go further into the foundry, you'll encounter more groups of enemies, but before you can even consider stealth, Harry will have already alerted everyone. You'll need to fight your way through. After escaping the conveyor belt, another wave of enemies will need to be defeated before you head to the steel door to find Tombstone taken prisoner on the other side.

Before freeing him, beat up all the goons. You can then interact with the console to bring the cooling valve online, but then even more enemies will put a stop to that — temporarily, at least. You'll be told to target the support structures holding the cage together, which can be destroyed by using the Pull move on them. Just watch out for the ranged enemies shooting at you while performing the four actions.

Harry will then rescue Tombstone in the cutscene that follows, then you'll need to escape the building as it falls apart around you. Simply follow the button prompts telling you when to sprint and swing, and also succeed in the quick-time events to come out the other side and complete the Mission.

Objective Log

  • Head to the Steele Foundry
  • Clear the rooftop
  • Find a way inside
  • Descend down the smoke stack
  • Clear the guards
  • Clear the reinforcements
  • Go deeper into the foundry
  • Fend off the Hunters
  • Take out the Hunters
  • Proceed to the steel door
  • Free Tombstone
  • Turn on the cooling valve
  • Free Tombstone
  • Break the cage supports
  • Follow Tombstone out of the foundry

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