Good Men is the 17th Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and returns to Peter's story as he meets up with Harry following the disappearance of Dr. Connors. This Mission is exclusive to Peter. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about Good Men.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Good Men

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Good Men Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story Dr. Connors is missing, and after what happened to Scorpion, we can't take chances. 2,000 XP


After you've completed Funky with Miles, the game will switch to Peter and tell you to meet up with Harry at the Emily-May Foundation once more in Greenwich. Head there and enter via the roof, but during the cutscene, your perspective will switch to MJ. You'll now be playing as her, and she comes with her own stun gun, which is demonstrated by the tutorial as you leave the truck. Enter the abandoned zoo via the open window on the left and perform a Stealth Takedown on the guard inside, then examine the computer and the notes.

Squeeze Through into the next area, then create a distraction for the guard ahead by throwing a rock. Sneak past and head up to the roof, only for the wooden flooring to break. A guard will be in front of you, and a tutorial will walk you through taking them down. Sneak up on the guard and perform a Takedown.

In the room with the huge elephant statue, make the two guards split up by distracting one of them, and then sneaking up on both to perform a Takedown. We threw a rock at the base of the elephant statue and both guards split up, allowing for easy Takedowns. Next, climb back inside through the hole and examine the table with the wings that belonged to Vulture on. A phone will then ring to your right, which you can pick up. MJ will then find Dr. Connors locked inside a cage outside.

To rescue him, you'll need to work out the code for the cage and also get the key for his shackles. This gives you two waypoint markers you can follow if you press R3 — one is to your right in the building with a statue of a lion on top, and the other is to the left in a house. We'll begin with the objective on the right.

Squeeze Through the gap in the metal fence, then climb up and into the enemy camp. If you time it right, you can sneak past the three guards outside without needing a distraction. Head inside and examine the note by the computer, only for a guard to ambush MJ and a voice to come over the radio. Examine the other note to learn of the radio call signs, then turn around and look at the whiteboard to learn more about the correct call sign. You can then examine one final book just to the left of the radio, and then all that's left is to answer it.

You're told the code is on the whiteboard, but the one you're looking for is to the right covered in a camo cloth. Remove it to learn the cage's code is 0451 — we see you, Insomniac Games. With that out of the way, we need the key for Dr. Connors' shackles. Head for the other waypoint now, taking down the guards who get in your way.

Once you reach the reptile house, interact with the laptop to turn on camo field. This will prevent the two guards in the middle of the room from seeing you as you sneak around the outskirts. Eliminate the guard carrying the key, then turn on the second camo field to create an easy exit. You can now go to Dr. Connors' cage outside and help him escape. At this point, Kraven will show up and inject something into Dr. Connors, with Peter and Harry not far behind him.

You'll switch back to playing as Peter now, with an enemy encounter your first port of call. Beat up all the bad guys and make your way to the large conservatory so Dr. Connors can gain access to the lab inside. A cutscene will then play where everything goes wrong: Dr. Connors turns into the Lizard, then Peter gets seriously wounded. You'll need to carry him away from the fight as MJ. As the two try and escape, Harry and Kraven are fighting in the background.

Peter will die in the cutscene that follows, but the symbiote Harry has saves him, transferring from Harry to Peter. This brings him back to life with new powers like the Symbiote Punch. After beating all the enemies, the Mission will end in the next cutscene.

Objective Log

  • Meet Harry at the EMF
  • Find Dr. Connors
  • Rescue Dr. Connors
  • Defeat the Hunters
  • Carry Pete
  • Defeat the Hunters

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