Don't Be Scared is the 27th Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and sees Peter attempt to secure the symbiote now he's gotten it off him. This Mission is exclusive to Peter. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we are going to reveal everything you need to know about Don't Be Scared.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Don't Be Scared

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Don't Be Scared Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story Once the Symbiote's secured at Oscorp, we can figure out next steps. 2,250 XP


Peter has managed to get the symbiote off him, so now it's time to secure it at Oscorp with Dr. Connors. Swing over to Midtown to trigger a cutscene where it's not Dr. Connors who shows up, but Harry. He and Peter get into a scuffle, which breaks the device holding the symbiote and it latches onto Harry to create Venom. You will then be playing as Venom, and told to defeat all the guards Norman Osborn brought with him. When prompted, you'll then charge through the door blocking you in. Run through the facility and then beat up another round of enemies.

The whole building will soon go into complete lockdown, meaning you need to make it to the security room as Venom in order to find a way out. Mow through the enemies standing in your way and continue streaking through the building — it's a very linear path so you shouldn't get lost. When you reach the much larger and more open room, you need to make your way up it, beating up the guards as you go.

When you reach the security room at the very top of the room, clear all the guards and then Venom will destroy the consoles with a human body. A gunship will then appear, and you must charge down the corridor at it while avoiding its gunfire. You'll both crashland in Times Square, where Hunters will be your next opponent. Starting on the ground, you need to defeat every group of Hunters, eventually jumping up to higher platforms where more of them will be. Once they're all defeated, Kraven will turn up and you'll be thrust into another boss fight with him.

This is a two-phase fight, and Kraven is packing many of the same attacks as he did when fighting Peter. The only difference is Kraven will sometimes climb up to a higher platform and charge a ranged attack. At this point, when the on-screen prompt flashes red, you can get in an easy counterattack. Kraven doesn't act any differently or gain any new attacks in the second phase, so just keep on what you're doing and the fight will be over shortly. Then, the Mission ends in the following cutscene.

Objective Log

  • Head to Oscorp
  • Escape Oscorp Tower
  • Break down the door
  • Reach the security room
  • Clear the security room
  • Devastate the Hunters
  • Hunt Kraven

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