Bad Guys On the Block is the ninth Mission in the Main Story of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and sets Peter on course for the goons who took Scorpion and Martin Li away following their escape from the Raft. As part of our Marvel's Spider-Man 2 guide, we're going to reveal everything you need to know about Bad Guys On the Block.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Bad Guys On the Block

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Bad Guys On the Block Guide 1
Mission Type Description Rewards
Main Story Miles tracked the people who captured Li and Scorpion to the Williamsburg Bridge. 2,000 XP


After bugging Peter for the whole of Healing the World, co-webhead Miles finally gets through to him and reveals he's tracked Scorpion and Martin Li to the Williamsburg Bridge. Head over there and Peter will discover there's a sort of secret forcefield hiding terrain underneath the bridge. Defeat the enemies you find and check the computer in the back. This will activate a Drone, which you'll need to chase through the city.

Another enemy encounter awaits, and then you'll need to examine the Talon Drone. It'll take you up into the sky before being destroyed, giving you a reason to deploy the Web Wings on the way back down to the location data in Chinatown.

When you get there, the place will be crawling with goons. Follow the tutorials to learn how to perform Perch Takedowns and Web Strike Takedowns, then utilise them as you work your way through the complex. To make sure you stay hidden, Scan enemies using R3 and only perform a Takedown when they're labelled as Safe. Create distractions or focus on other enemies first if they're labelled as Danger.

When you've dealt with them all, inspect the security terminal, then head further in through the vent above you. In the next cutscene, Peter will analyse a crossbow that allows him to improve his Web Lines. Now, you can place your own to walk across any gap you like. Use it to perform a Takedown on the enemy below. You can then put them to good use in the next area, placing Web Lines to Takedown all the bad guys.

Head deeper inside the base once you've dealt with them all, into the research lab. Examine the objects inside the lab, then inspect the chest armour on the back wall to reveal a hidden passageway. You'll come across another large room packed full of bad guys, so beat them all up before doing anything else. We recommend starting with the Talon Drone before moving on to the regular goons. The terminal in the central room is what you'll want to interact with once they're all down.

Upon using the computer, some robotic dogs will attack and force you down the level below. Defeat them as well as the extra waves that come in from the ceiling. The Mission ends in the cutscene that follows.

Objective Log

  • Investigate the bridge
  • Defeat the enemies
  • Investigate the equipment
  • Chase the Drone
  • Search for more information
  • Follow the location data
  • Take out the patrols
  • Find the entrance
  • Take out the Hunters silently
  • Enter through the hole
  • Defeat the remaining Hunters
  • Examine the security terminal
  • Move deeper into the base
  • Use the Web Line to take out the Hunter
  • Clear out the restaurant
  • Move deeper into the base
  • Investigate the research lab
  • Clear out the bazaar
  • Investigate the terminal
  • Defeat the hunters

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